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5 Worst Couple Ever Featured On General Hospital

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By Hanshika

Anna & Luke


Green Star

In TV dramas reliant on ratings, chemistry is the linchpin for relationships. Anna Devane and Luke Spencer in General Hospital resembled Dan and Blair – an odd pairing that lacked the spark seen with their previous romantic interests. Their coupling fell flat, leaving fans unsatisfied, as they proved better as friends than romantic partners.


Liz & Jason

Characters navigate numerous romances, sparking debates over whether Jason is better suited for Liz or Sam. Objectively, the chemistry and connection between Jason and Sam overshadow his relationship with Liz, despite their long history. That's the reality of the situation.


Carly & Franco

Like Anna and Luke, Franco and Carly's General Hospital relationship received audience backlash, overshadowed by Carly's connection with Sonny. The brief affair felt like filler, lacking chemistry and passion, leading viewers to cheer when Carly reunited with Sonny after betraying Franco.


Nelle & Michael

Dealing with a mentally unstable partner like Nelle Benson in General Hospital is always complex. Given her sociopathic tendencies and criminal history, her relationship with Michael was doomed. Fortunately, Michael's escape from Nelle, now in prison, spared him from the sorrow and misfortune of this tumultuous connection.


Alexis & Julian

Despite their initial adoration, Alexis and Julian's relationship took a dark turn post-marriage. Julian's criminal descent and attempted harm to his wife signaled the end of their once-promising union, highlighting clear signs of toxicity.

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