Drake Hogestyn's  Journey in Days of Our Lives

Days Of Our Lives

Drake Hogestyn joins "Days of Our Lives" as the character Roman Brady.

Debut as Roman Brady (1986)

The storyline reveals that Drake's character, initially believed to be Roman, is, in fact, John Black.

Identity Revelation (1986-1987)

Drake's portrayal of John Black explores the character's past as Stefano DiMera's pawn.

Iconic Super Couple (1986-1991)

 The actor navigates emotional storylines following Marlena's apparent death.

Marlena's "Death" (1992-1993)

Drake Hogestyn's portrayal of John strengthens connections with the Brady family, particularly with on-screen sons Brady and Eric.

Family Bonds (2005-2014)

 On-screen, Hogestyn's character engages in business ventures and faces health challenges.

Business Ventures and Health Struggles (2008-2018)

The actor is part of the celebration as John and Marlena mark a significant wedding ceremony.

Wedding Milestone (2018)

Hogestyn continues to play a central role in the show, contributing to various storylines and remaining a fixture in Salem.

Ongoing Presence (2020-2022)

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