Days Of Our Lives

Iconic Moments in Days of Our Lives: Rescues, Weddings, and Demonic Possession

By Sakhi

Despite years of love, Kayla and Steve faced separation due to Kayla losing her hearing and speech. Steve learned Sign Language, but their union became complete when Kayla miraculously regained her speech during their wedding vows.

Kayla and Steve marry

Sami deceived Austin into believing he was Will's father, leading to their impending wedding. Carrie intervened, exposing the truth that Lucas was the real father, leading to a furious confrontation where Carrie punched Sami in a moment of anger.

Sami's lies unravel at her wedding to Austin

Stefano, the phoenix, had a history of resurrection but met his supposed final end in 2016 when Hope shot him while confronting him about Bo's death. Stefano taunted Hope, doubting her ability to kill him, but she proved him wrong by pulling the trigger.

Hope shoots Stefano

Will and Sonny's 'I do' marked the first same-sex marriage in US daytime TV. Their journey included separation, jealousy, and Will being presumed dead, only to be found later with amnesia. Memories of their wedding day ultimately helped Will recall their love.

Will and Sonny get married

Bo, riding a motorcycle and clad in leather, interrupted Hope's wedding to Larry Welch with Bonnie Tyler's 'I Need a Hero' playing. Despite being forced into marrying Larry, Bo and Hope eventually overcame obstacles, becoming the supercouple they were destined to be.

Bo kidnaps Hope on her wedding day

Stefano hypnotized Marlena, leading to her possession by the devil in a soap opera rarity with remarkable special effects. John Black, then a priest, ultimately saved Marlena through a memorable exorcism.

Marlena possessed

Wayne Northrop's character Roman was killed in 1984 in a showdown with Stefano. Subsequently, the introduction of the mysterious Pawn in Salem, initially masked, unveiled the character of John Black, portrayed by Drake Hogestyn, believed to be Roman after plastic surgery.

Roman returns and the Pawn becomes John Black

It was hard enough to believe that Marlena could be a serial killer but once it was revealed she'd been brainwashed by Tony, the victims were shown alive and well, living on Melaswen Island.

Salem stalker victims found on Melaswen Island

Unhappy about Carly reuniting with her son Nicholas, Vivian drugged Carly with wild herbs, faked her death, and placed her in a coffin. Carly later woke up in the coffin but was eventually released.

Vivian buries Carly alive

In a bid to exact revenge, Days of Our Lives orchestrated a plot where Vivian buried Carly alive, staging her death with a fake funeral. Vivian used a radio transmitter in Carly's coffin for communication. Carly was eventually rescued, and karma caught up with Vivian when she got trapped in a sarcophagus years later.

Carly Was Buried Alive

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