Journey Of Greg Vaughan In Days Of Our Lives

Days Of Our Lives

Greg Vaughan debuted as Eric Brady, returning to Salem after years as a missionary.

Introduction (2012)

Eric faced turmoil in his relationship with Nicole Walker due to misunderstandings and external influences.

Conflict with Nicole (2013-2014)

Eric was falsely accused of raping Nicole, leading to strained relationships and legal troubles.

False Accusations (2014)

Eric navigated various romantic entanglements, including relationships with Jennifer Horton and Serena Mason.

Romantic Relationships (2014-2019)

Eric briefly reconsidered his commitment to the priesthood but ultimately returned to his calling.

Return to the Priesthood (2016)

 Eric discovered the truth about Nicole hiding the real identity of Holly Jonas, straining their relationship once again.

Revelation of Nicole's Secret (2017)

Greg Vaughan left "Days of Our Lives" in 2019 as Eric left Salem to do humanitarian work.

Departure (2019)

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