The Bold and the Beautiful

Moments You Will Always Remember From 2023

By Aanchal

Ridge opens up to Finn, revealing vulnerability amidst his tough exterior. Thorsten Kaye's portrayal adds depth, making the scene truly tender.

1. Most Touching Moment

Eric flaunts an ancient stapler, claiming victory over Ridge. A cringe-worthy moment as Ridge's family knows it's a ploy due to Eric's health.

2. Most Awkward Moment

Sheila spills the beans to Deacon about Dollar Bill's skills in the sack. Unexpected and awkward twists in the romantic storyline.

3. Most Humiliating Moment

Liam decisively divorces Hope after catching her with his worst enemy. A stunning moment in Liam's character development.

4.Most Surprising Moment

Andrea Bocelli's performance for Brooke and Ridge adds a romantic note, despite suspicions around their reunion.

5. Most Romantic Moment

Taylor doesn't turn herself in, deviating from the expected twist in the blackmail storyline. Bold choices in the narrative spark curiosity.

6. Most Predictable Moments Of The Year

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