Attack On Titan Season 4: 2020 Release Date, Trailer, and Spoilers

attackontital season 4

Attack on titan season three is over, and the fourth season is on the bay. Attack on titan Season 4 is the last season for the series. Written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga, which later adapted into a well-known anime in 2013. Although, after the airing of the first season, there was a considerable gap before the airing of the second season. Since then, there has been no stop for the series. Season 4 is now in productions and will come soon.

Here’s The Trailer-

The trailer of the anime released just after the final episode of the third season aired Although nothing much is getting revealed in the trailer. There are only a couple of still images in the 15 seconds trailer.

What Does Attack on Titan Season 4 Trailer Reveal?

The trailer shows the dense cover of clouds that finally ends to show a young person’s face through the bars of what can be called either a prison or a cage. There are lines under eyes, which is a trademark for showing that he has just resumed to being a human after getting transformed into a Titan.

The character looks new to the series. It is possible as the end of season three opened up the possibilities for new characters. There are nine titans yet to make an appearance in the series and, since scouts started traveling away from their home, new characters might get added. The final image in the trailer reveals that this will be the last season.

What Has Happened So Far?- The Plot

Based on a comic Manga by the same name. Attack on Titan is an anime series laid on a background where all the humanity in the world resides inside cities that are surrounded by massive, enormous walls that protect it from Titans. Titans are giant humanoid creatures who seemingly demolish humans without any specific reason.

The story revolves around Eren Jaeger, his sister Mikasa Ackermann, his friend Armin Arleft. These characters’ lives changed after Colossal Titan appeared who destroyed their home town and caused the death of their mother. Titan, Mikasa, Eren, and Armin join Scout regiment to reclaim and avenge the world from Titans.


What To Expect from Attack on Titan Season 4:

The fourth season was shortly announced after the airing of the final season of season 3. Attack on titan Season 4 is the last season for the series. The announcement had taken fans by surprise as the manga comic of the anime is still in production, and wrapping up every loose thread in this season will be tricky for the producers.

By the end of Attack on Titan season 3, Eren’s Fabled basement was explored, and the truth about the world was cracked open. In addition to this, the truth about Titans and the unknown history also got revealed.

Now, if the series stays true to the manga, season 4 will explore the new set of characters that reside outside the walls of the city, in the land of the enemy, Marley.
The events getting built in the new season might show the conflicts between the Indians living inside the walls and the ones who are living on the other side.

Attack on Titan Season 4, will dig deeper into the history of the Titans and the power they hold. This could result in fans doubting about their knowledge about the series. In addition to this, the moral lines could become vague in the run for season 4. In the Final season, Titan Shifter could also get introduced.

When Is Attack on Titan Season 4 Releasing?

According to the trailer, the season will be available for fans in the Fall of 2020. Episodes will be released weekly. The streaming period for the season will depend upon the length and number of episodes.

Attack on titan Season 4 is the last season, but as mentioned earlier, the manga is still in production; hence, the biggest question for the season is, how much details will be left out. Will the final season do justice to the manga? And, will it be possible to wrap up the whole storyline so quickly with so much still left? That will be revealed soon with the premiere of the series.

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