11 Best Anime Traps of All Time That Completely Surprised The Fans

Anime trap

Have you ever witnessed that an anime character who you thought was a boy turns out to be a girl giving you an element of surprise in the plot of the anime series? That’s what Anime Traps is all about. Anime trap is the character who cross-dress to portray like other gender and surprise the fans at some point in the series. These Anime Traps keeps the fans confused whole time until their true identity is revealed.

Here we bring you the list of Best Anime Traps of all time which turn out to be amazing adding a lot more excitement to the series.

1. Shiota Nagisa (Assassination Classroom)

Anime Traps

Shiota Nagisa’s is one of the most popular anime trap characters. In the first look fans always confuse him as a girl. His two short ponytail and cute face contribute to that. When it comes to killing, Nagisa is one badass character in the series. But to men, he’s a heartbreaker. Moreover, Nagisa’s feminine looks are capable of charming any men. He usually hates cross-dressing in front of everyone.

2. Aoi Hyoudou (Kaichou Wa Maid Sama)

Anime Traps

Aoi Hyoudou is the nephew of Maid Latte’s owner Satsuki. He likes to cross-dress and has androgynous features with blue eyes and dark purple hairs. Like an idol, he wears a blond wig and wears cute dresses. Therefore, he is often mistaken as a sweet girl. Aoi likes fluffy and pretty things and loves being the center of attraction. He likes to play with the feelings of other men as they consider him as an idol.

3. Haku (Naruto)

Anime Traps

Haku is a shinobi from Land of Water and descendent of Yuki clan. He was an orphan until Zabuza takes him and trains him. Unfortunately, he was a victim of war.

Haku is a young man with an androgynous appearance and was shown beautifully in Naruto series. He was voted as “prettier than Sakura” even after when he disclosed his gender. According to Zabuza, he is way more talented and stronger than him. One of his abilities is his sheer-speed. Like Zabuza, Haku is also a professional in silent-killing and can strike down enemies within zero visibility.

4. Gasper Vladi (High School DxD)

Anime Traps

Gasper Vladi is a cross-dressing male half vampire, half-human known as Dhampir. Vladi has the ability to stop time which helps him to become Rias’s first bishop. Gasper has a cute girl look with blond hairs and violet eyes. Like any cute girl, he has a shy personality and likes to wear female clothing. As the series moves forward, he gains confidence and bravery under the training of Issei.

5. Nyau (Akame ga Kill)

Anime Traps
He is one of the Esdeath’s elite bodyguards, the Three Beasts. Nyau is a young man with a feminine body and blond hair. Despite his cute innocent appearance, he’s the most sadistic member of the Three Beasts. His hobby is to rip people’s skin off while they are alive. His main power during battle is to transform his feminine body a heavy muscular body.

6. Kinoshita Hideyoshi (Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu)

Anime Traps

Kinoshita Hideyoshi is one of the main characters in Baka and Test. He’s one of the famous figures among the fans of Anime Traps, and he’s constantly being nominated as the most popular anime trap character.

Kinoshita Hideyoshi is a member of Class F at Famizuka Academy. Due to his feminine appearance, he’s often get bullied among his classmate. Actually, he doesn’t like being mistaken for a girl. However, he always ends up cross-dressing in various competitions.

7. Hideri Kanzaki (Blend S)

Anime Traps

Hideri Kanzaki is the fifth member of the Cafe Stile and hired for ‘her’ adorable looks. He hates working in the cafe and dreams to be a glamorous idol. He applies at the Cafe as a waitress to fulfill his dreams. Hideri is very fussy when it comes to clothes. He likes to wear cute clothes like idols.

8. Armin Arlert (Attack on Titans)

Anime Traps

In Attack on Titans, Armin Arlert is a soldier in the scouting region. Armin is short, has small body stature and is weaker than others. But he makes up for being vulnerable with intellect. His quick decisions and right prediction lead to many victories against titans. He was first thought to be a girl in an interview with Attack on titans creator. Armin also cross-dresses in spin-off series “Attack! Titan Junior High”. In this series too, he dresses like ‘Krista’ to trick the enemy.

9. Kurapika (HunterxHunter)

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Kurapika is the last member of Kurta Clan. He is the leader of an organization founded by Light Nostrade and a Blacklist Hunter. His goal is to take revenge for his clan and recover the remaining pairs of Scarlet Eyes. When experiencing intense emotion his eyes glow red. Kurapika is intelligent and possess vast knowledge. After becoming a professional Hunter, he becomes ruthless and commits the villainous act of wrath. But his friends are the only ones that can handle him and calm him down.

10. Katsuki Shima (Clannad)

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Katsuki Shima is a minor character in Clannad. He’s described as Bishonen in Clannad. Katsuki Shima was Misae’s boyfriend for a while and only appeared in Misae’s Arc. It was revealed that in the past Misae helped him to recover from his disease with her kind and encouraging words. Furthermore, when he was fully healed he looked for Misae to pay her back. When he finally found Misae, he wants to take care of her as much she did for him.

11. Mare Bello Fiore (Overlord)

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Mare Bello Fiore is a supporting character from Overlord. Fiore is a young dark elf and is extremely powerful. Moreover, Mare is known for passing level 100 in more than five jobs. He has an appearance of blond hair with blue-green eye. Mare only wears the clothes that are chosen by his creator. However, he recognizes as strange but believes that it is a custom of Supreme Beings for young boys to wear girl’s dresses.

Let us know in the comment section below which of these are your favorite Anime Traps. Moreover also mention other Anime Trap you want to be included in this list and win exciting prizes.

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