Date A Live Season 3: Spoilers & Everything You Need To Know

date a live season 3

The fans of the show are eagerly waiting for the Date A Live season 3 for a long time now. Recently there have been rumors about the production of the Date A Live season 3 which brought some hopes for the fans.Moreover, the official website of the amine uploaded a countdown clock which has “Date A Live” written in the middle of it. This made the fans think that at the end of the countdown there could be a major announcement about the next installment of the series.

For those who are not familiar with the series, Date A Live is a popular anime series by AIC Plus+ and is directed by Keitaro Motonaga. The series has aired for two seasons, the first season was broadcasted for 12 episodes + OVA from March 31, 2013 – June 16, 2013. The second season was aired for 10 episodes + OVA from April 12, 2014 – June 14, 2014. Moreover, the anime film adaptation of the series was released in 2015. 

Date A Live follows the story of Shido Itsuka, who lives in a world which is terrorized by Spatial Quakes. More than 150 million casualties are caused by this Spatial Quakes. Later he learns that his sister, Kotori, is the commander of the airship Fraxinus. He learns from Kotori that these quakes are caused by spirits wandering in the real world. Those spirits can be sealed by only a few people with special abilities and one of them is Shido. The only way to seal the spirits are by making them fall in love and then kissing them. This begins the series of Shido dating the spirits and sealing them one by one.

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date a live season 3

Spoilers for Date A Live Season 3

It is rumored that the season 3 of the show will have a series of dreams just like Shido used to have in the first season. These dreams will shade some light on his dreams of the graveyard and Yuri Hyuga. Date A Live Season 3 spoilers reveal that Shido will end up meeting the spirit of Alice Elliot who he met in his dream. In order to know about himself and his past, Shido will date the spirit of Alice. Alice Elliot is supposed to be a person from the Shido’s past who he doesn’t remember due to his amnesia.

In the second season when Shido talks about his fusion ability, he recalls something from his past that he once did the most powerful fusion of his understanding. He doesn’t remember the name of this being but Roger stated that he was the second person to successfully merge with this being. It is also stated in the talks that the fusion was made shortly before he lost his memory. So it can be assumed that the ultimate fusion caused him to lose his memories. Date A Live Season 3 will show Shido in search for the answers about his past that will lead him to the ultimate being. It is teased that there may be a bigger fusion in the third season that may lead to a greater destruction than the Spatial Quakes.

date a live season 3

There are several fan theories all around the internet, such one fan theory suggests that ever since Shido has awakened the fusion he has transformed in several ways. His habits are similar to that of Yuri, even his hair color has also started changing after that. Moreover, Alice Elliot always used to refer Shido by the name of Yuri, in his dreams. It is speculated that Shido is not anyone else but Yuri and he sees his own grave in his dream. According to this theory, Shido is a spirit who doesn’t know that he is a spirit and has forgotten everything about his past. The only problem with this theory is that Shido being a Harmonixer cannot be a spirit but may be that is only why he was able to perform the ultimate fusion at first.

Date A Live Season 3 Release Date Updates

The series has left the fans with a long wait for the Date A Live season 3. At the end of the countdown on the Date A Live website we may have an announcement about the release date. The light novel series is still running and has recorded an appreciable sell. Moreover, the production house has also produced two games for PlayStation platform which clearly depicts producer’s interest in Date A Live Season 3.

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