Diabolik Lovers Season 3: Expected Release Date Early 2018?

diabolik lovers season 3

Diabolik Lovers anime is based on the Japanese horror fiction visual novel of the same name, the anime adaptation was brought by Zexcs. The first season of anime which had 12 episodes was aired between September 16, 2013, to December 9, 2013, and the second season that too had 12 episodes was aired between September 23, 2015, and December 9, 2015. For now, fans are desperately waiting for Diabolik Lovers season 3.

diabolik lovers season 3
It was speculated that the third season would be aired somewhere in 2016 which didn’t happen. However, Zexcs’ close source have revealed that the studio is already working on Diabolik Lovers season 3, so the wait for the third season is going to end soon. Moreover, the creators have not announced the cancellation of the series which itself means they are willing to pull out at least one more season.

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Recently a few petitions were signed by the desperate fans demanding the third season which didn’t get any reply from the creators. If states are to be believed the series has not earned appreciable ratings which could have convinced the creators to make Diabolik Lovers season 3 soon after the conclusion of season 2. Many viewers also complained about the duration of an episode which was just 15 odd minutes and fans find it frustrating as well. If the series is compared to the gameplay, the story in the series isn’t thorough as it is in the game series.

Plot of Diabolik Lovers

The story revolves around the heroine, Komori Yui, who is a teenager studying in the second year of high school: Yui’s father is a priest and has to go overseas for work. As the result, Yui had to move to distant relatives living in a dark mysterious castle. There she finds about her six cousin brothers who are sadistic vampires from the ancient Japanese name Sakamaki, these six young men are known for their mental disorder.

She soon discovers that something is weird about them and learns that these six are brothers but by three different mothers. On the very first day, this new family frightened her and made her realize that she is just blood vessel for them however this all turned out to be a joke. This new family became overprotective towards her and didn’t leave her alone for even a single moment. Yui makes desperate try to escape and run somewhere away from this family, however, she failed every time.

diabolik lovers season 3

Diabolik Lovers Season 3 Release Date

It was a quite surprise that the series even had a second season, however, the series has gained some popularity in all these years and it is pretty sure there will be a third season. As the history says the first and the second season were released in September with a two-year gap in between, it is expected Diabolik Lovers Season 3 may be aired in early 2018. Moreover, Seraph of the End Season 3 is expected to be released same time. However, an official announcement is still awaited; stay tuned with us for exclusive updates about your favorite anime series.