Disenchantment Season 2: Can the Series Make a Good Comeback?

disenchantment season 2
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  1. Luvdisenchantment says:

    Absolutely love disenchantment every episode is enjoyable to watch this series is nothing like matts groenings early work this is a slow pace to an adventure of a story type of show the beginning itleast the pace of the story might be faster as the show development get further in but disenchantment is wonderfully amazing hopefully it doesn’t get canceled i need to see how the story ends

  2. Gonzotipo says:

    fantastically outrageous cartoon disenchantment, fans of Matt Groening’s work is amazing what went wrong was fans never should have compared the shows or getting your hopes up to expectations of assuming that Matt’ would stick to his originallity now futurama is a animated science fiction sitcom masterpiece different from the Simpsons, so is disenchantment is more fantasy adventure with a deeper plot story same as futurama less sitcom where you need to watch the series in order with the Simpsons you can watch it randomly up to a certain point then character development and story take over. If you watch disenchantment try thinking of it as something else a entirely different from matt’s older shows.