Dragon Ball Heroes Season 2: First Teaser, Special Episode, New Arc & Release Date

Dragon Ball Heroes Season 2

Dragon Ball Heroes Season 2 is what all fans are currently waiting for. The first season of Dragon Ball Heroes recently released its last episode, which wraps the first season of this promotional anime. The anime recently end the Grand Universal Arc with its 19th Episode. However, Dragon Ball Heroes Season 2 has been confirmed with the release of a new poster. The first trailer of Dragon Ball Heroes is released, and fans are already making theories about it.

Dragon Ball Heroes is a promotional anime based on the Japanese digital card game of the same title. The final battle between the Godslayer Hearts and Gogeta, along with other Z FIghters, ends the seven episodes long battle. These episodes witness the battle between the defenders of the multiverse and the new baddies in Dragon Ball Heroes Season 1.

Special Episode Setting Up the Plot for Upcoming Season 

While the Manga is continuing Moro’s arc, the promotional anime will start the “Time Patrol” arc in Dragon Ball Heroes Season 2. Episode 20 will release as a special episode conforming time patrol arc. The creator released a poster on Twitter informing about the characters and title of the episode. The title of the promotional anime’s next episode will be “Decisive battle! Time Patrol vs. Dark King!” In this episode,’ Dark King will debut in the anime series. Dark King is one hell of a bad guy. Dark King bothered Xeno Goku in the Dragon Ball Heroes manga for a long time.

Dragon Ball Heroes Season 2: The First Teaser Released

The first promo “Big Bang Mission” of Super Dragon Ball Heroes is here, and fans are getting more excited about the series after seeing the trailer. The promo shows some familiar characters as well as some newcomers. It introduces several newcomers such as “Bird that holds a destiny” & “A Mysterious giant Tree.” The trailer also references “Fuu the mysterious guy” and some fated enemies. The fans are most excited about the “Assault of God of Destruction” part from the new trailer. Moreover, the last part of the teaser tells us about the beginning of the Universal disaster because of Fuu’s experiment to burst open the Universe. 

Dragon Ball Heroes: New Arc

Dragon Ball Heroes Season 2 teases the new arc with the release of its first promo. Except for the Time Patrol’s arc, the new trailer also teases the arc about Gods of Destruction. The Gods of Destruction are still a mystery because so many questions left unanswered about them in the official series.

However, the fans can explore more about the Gods of destruction in the second season of this promotional anime. There are more Universes who are not involved with the tournament of power. Hence, fans can see stronger Gods and fighters in these universes. Fans are expecting that Super Dragon Ball Heroes will explore these Multiverses as well.

Dragon Ball Heroes Season 2 Release Date

The creators of Dragon Ball Heroes informed about the release date of the special episode and the second season through Twitter. Hence, Super Dragon Ball Heroes is all set to make his comeback with season 2 in March 2020. However, the special episode (Episode 20) will air in late February.