Fruits Basket Season 2: 2020 Release Date, Official Teaser! Is This The Last Season?

Fruits Basket Season 2

The twenty-year-old anime is finally back on the screens, and it will complete the whole story this time. Fans are preparing for ‘Fruits Basket Season 2,’ which will soon premiere with brand-new episodes. However, the latest season is going to be much more exciting than ever before. Besides, is this the last season? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Back in 2001, Studio Deen adapted Natsuki Takaya’s popular manga series for a television anime. The show aired a total of 26 episodes with an incomplete story from that of the manga. Hence, fans were expecting another season from the makers. However, despite making countless requests, they couldn’t convince the studio to greenlight the second installment. Luckily, in 2018, TMS Entertainment decided to create a reboot of the long lost anime that debuted in April 2019.

Fruits Basket Season 2

Fruits Basket Season 2: Renewal & Production Details

The first season of Fruits Basket 2019 opened up to immense success and appreciation from fans around the globe. Upon its conclusion in September 2019, the studio renewed the anime for a second outing. In fact, productions for the installment began soon after the announcement. As of now, the makers are still working on the new episodes, which will soon premiere at the screens in Japan and internationally.

Is This The Last Season?

Natsuki Takaya’s 1999 manga series consists of a total of 23 volumes that stopped serializing in 2006. These manga volumes consist of around 136 chapters. Studio Deen’s 2001 anime included the first six volumes and left a large chunk of content uncovered.

Hence, alongside the announcement of 2019’s Fruits Basket reboot, TMS Entertainment also assured that this series would complete the entire story of the manga series. As of now, the first season of the reboot covered only six volumes of its source material. The last episode concludes with the end of Chapter 35. Hence, the studio currently has plenty of content to create several anime installments in the future.

Fruits Basket Season 2

Even if ‘Fruits Basket Season 2’ covers around six or seven volumes, it will only cover around half of the entire manga chapters. Hence, the new anime will certainly another installment to wrap up the original story.

On the contrary, back in May 2019, Eric Vale (English voice dub artist who plays Yuki Soma) revealed some major details about the episode count. He spilled that the latest anime is intended to tell the story from beginning to end in 63 episodes in total. The controversial statement became the talk of the town, and fans were demanding answers from the studio. However, a while later, Vale confirmed that he was mistaken, and the statement was incorrect. Eric Vale has voiced various popular shows like Dragon Ball Z, Tokyo Ghoul, and others.

As of now, fans still suspect that the actor spilled a major detail and covered up his mistake to avoid problems for the studio. Hence, in case he’s right about the number of episodes, the makers are left with only 38 episodes to wrap up the story of the manga. Therefore, if ‘Fruits Basket Season 2’ consists of 25 or 26 episodes, the third installment will turn out to be a single-cour season with barely 12 to 13 episodes.

Fruits Basket Season 2

Fans will have to wait for an official confirmation to know if Vale’s statement is correct. However, we hope that the studio makes as many seasons as required to complete the story instead of rushing the plot into short seasons.

Season 2 Preview & Recap Of The First Season!

TMS Entertainment recently confirmed the release date of ‘Fruits Basket Season 2’ alongside a preview video. The 7-minute video begins with a recap to several major events from the debut season. In the last few minutes, it teases the second season and gives a few glimpses of the new episodes. Fans have appreciated the teary recap and are preparing for a thrilling installment. On the other hand, the studio may release the official trailer for Season 2 in a few weeks.

Fruits Basket Season 2: Release Date

At the end of the official teaser, TMS Entertainment also revealed the release window of ‘Fruits Basket Season 2.’ The installment is set to debut sometime around Spring 2020. However, similar to the first season, it may hit the screens in April 2020. The studio will soon announce a concrete premiere date, and we promise to update this section as soon as the news arrives.

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