HarmonQuest Season 2: All You Need To Know About the New Season

HarmonQuest season 2

HarmonQuest is an American adult animation/live improvisation show created by Dan Harmon. In the show, Dan Harmon with his celebrity friends starts playing a fantasy, role-playing, action game, Pathfinder. The show turned out to be great and hence HarmonQuest season 2 is much awaited. The show is ought to return by the end of 2018, so here is a short review of the previous season and spoilers about the upcoming season.

HarmonQuest is a story of an online adventure fantasy game which starts with the introduction of the characters to one another which leads to a head on fight with a group called cultists. During the fight, the cultists reveal their true intentions, of destroying the world by opening the Demon Seal. Now Zoobag, Boneweevil, and Beor start their journey to know more about the Demon Seal and the dark armored knight who helped them fight the cultists. As the story continues the characters gain strength, new weapons and including a dragon named Charles. As the Demon Seal is unleashed, the monster Manticore makes his way through a portal to the Earthscar.  Now it’s upon Boneweevil and his friends to save the Earthscar.

HarmonQuest season 2

HarmonQuest season 2 Spoilers

Fans will remember the first season ended with the Boneweevil being trapped inside the portal on the other side with his dragon. But the mid credits scene of season 1 reveals that both Boneweevil and his dragon, Charles, survived the portal. Therefore in the second season, the rest of the team of the HarmonQuest will try to find a clue about the survival of the Boneweevil. Boneweevil will be sending clues and messages across the two dimensions to make his team figure out about his survival. This will help the team to find a way to open the portal once again in order to make their friend return to Earthscar. However, opening the portal will let many demons and evils to pass through the portal. Hence, HarmonQuest season 2 will follow the characters fighting and eliminate the evil on Earthscar.

It was also teased by the creators of the show that HarmonQuest season 2 will introduce a new villain to the story. Therefore in the second season, heroes will have to rescue Boneweevil but also defeat this new villain in order to keep the Earthscar safe. A fan theory suggests that Chadge, who also got stuck on the other side of the portal at the end of the season one will turn as the villain in the second season. He was shown being trapped inside but his presence was not even hinted in the mid credits scene of the finale. He will get consumed by the evil and may get manipulated by the Manticore. He will act as the main villain of HarmonQuest season 2 while Manticore will pull the strings from behind.

HarmonQuest season 2

Release Date of HarmonQuest Season 2

The good news is HarmonQuest season 2 has been confirmed. However, no official announcement regarding the release date has been made yet. The trailer for the upcoming season is rumored to be released by the end of 2017. Fans can expect HarmonQuest season 2 Release date to be in mid of 2018.