Highschool DxD Season 5 Confirmed! 2021 Release Date and Plot Details

Highschool DxD Season 5
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  1. Pedro says:

    I hope that they make a season 5 for high school DxD because I love this anime

    1. Jahman says:

      The anime is so addictive

      1. Rias is Kingu Curimson no norioyoku? says:


      2. Daunte says:

        Sure is

    2. Dylan says:

      Same here a friend told me about it and i got onto it straight away

    3. Mehmet says:

      haklısın bağımlılık yaptı

    4. Daunte says:

      Yeah me too

    5. Anvesh says:

      it all depends on the sales in japan if the season 4 bluy-ray seals goes high in japan then we will get a new season

    6. DAAGAG says:


    7. dante says:

      i love this amine and i hope for 2019s falls release

  2. Harman says:

    Plz release the 5 season of dxd

  3. Ares says:

    i don’t like the new animation from Passione studio, the Tnk studio has a better animation.:)

    1. A B says:

      What changed is the artstyle, not the animation. If anything, the animation became better under Passione (the animation is the movement), and the art style is good. The TNK one didn’t work as well.

      1. R G says:

        they at least need to give Rias her crimson hair back instead of just plain red hair.

      2. Christian says:

        They blurred out a lot of things and it makes the show weird so maybe stop doing things in the story that will make you have too blurr out things

        1. SunsetAmethyst says:

          Or they just make it so the BD’s are uncensored and sell lots and lots of copies because of it 😛

    2. Glibmoth0 says:

      But they went away from the light novel without the author’s permission. That is why Passione re-did season 4 ending. Author took anime away from the original studeo. As far as the artwork, I too did not like it originall but it grows on you after awhile. It isn’t great but isn’t bad. The studeo does great animation and art as shown in the anime Citrus which they made. Another great show, by the way.

    3. NechoTheAnimeLord says:


  4. Flukk says:


  5. Daniel says:

    I love this anime and want happen to make the other people take control of the anime

  6. Allen Lewis says:

    Well, part of the article is wrong.Season 1 and 2 followed the Light Novels faithfully, but borne Shit all over Ishibumi’s vision, taking events out of sequence, removing the very important Ratings game between team Rias and team Sona, and then to further thumb their noses at the author and fans, TNK added a 2 episode ending to Born that did not happen and further screwed up the timeline of the story.That is why Ishibumi fired TNK and sent his vision to Passione. Many people dislike the art style of Her0, but it is based on the actual drawings by Miyama-Zero, who drew both the Light Novel Illustrations and the Manga illustrations. I believe that Hero is more faithful to the Light Novels than any seasons produced by TNK, and I am glad that they are making Seasons 4,5, and possibly 6.

  7. Scooter says:

    WTF!!!! Hero was released in June?? Then how come none of the stores in Tamworth NSW Australia, have it yet??

    1. Kevin R Wakeling says:

      Ive been asking that question myself too. Im also in Tamworth NSW Australia too. Since dxd Hero was released in June last yr, us Aussies wont see on our shelves till late this year or next. I can’t wait

  8. kenneth silverio says:

    i would love to wait for the season 5. very good anime. nice story line.

  9. Jahman says:

    Pls we need high school dxd season 5

  10. Cesar C Couto says:

    love the anime Highschool DxD can’t wait for season 5+

  11. ksnngi says:


  12. Duy Nguyễn says:

    hy vọng ss5 sẽ sớm ra với lại cho nhân vật giống như ss1,2,3(ss4 nhân vật không đẹp lắm)

  13. anga says:

    i hope that they make a season 5 for HS DXD this anime is so indescribable this anime is this should not be over

  14. Allen Lewis says:

    The author did not try to put 3 volumes into Born, it was the idiot director for TNK. Not only did the studio cram 3 volumes into the Season the plot sequence is out of order, an important part of the story was left out and they added a two episode Non-Cannon ending to the story. Ishibumi was so furious, that he fired TNK, wrote a short story in the Light Novel series to officially remove Born from the time line (Highschool DxD Ex) and shopped his story to a studio that would faithfully follow the source material and make the anime characters look more like the original illustrations by Miame-zero. That is why there was a delay in Hero and the new Studio, Passione.

  15. Sakamoto Izayoi says:

    It is gratifying to know that anime will win possible seasons, but for now it will not make much sense!
    After the failure that BorN left and Ishibumi put, the studio passione to animate the anime. I lost my will to accompany anime.
    I do not know ?! but see my favorite anime, with hentai studio traces bankrupt. it’s heart-wrenching!
    before he criticizes me, for he knows that I accompany the novel. but those traits were horrible! I did not find anything similar with drawings of miyama zero!

  16. Jeremy says:

    You do realize that the light novel IS the source material, right? It SHOULD follow the light novels.

  17. Đông says:

    Mong art đợt này đẹp như ss1,2,3

  18. Lee'z says:

    I will die happy if i watch High School DXD season 5

  19. vicky says:

    for me i won’t worry about season 4 as its more like original..issei have become more manly in action…character arts and story are same like those in light novel…i wish passione studio had made s1-2-3…i would be overjoyed if s5 release this year

  20. vicky says:

    hope the studio will create and release s5 with get success so they could earn enough for s6 and so on

  21. Alingben says:

    Please bring back the old art stylessssssss.. Please passione studio.. Huhuhuhu

  22. Mark Martinez says:

    They will l hope funimation wont put sjw bs script changes and stay true to the Japanese original script when its eng dub.

    1. Glibmoth0 says:

      Yeah, those SJW fools gotta ruin it for everybody! I don’t like the dub because it takes sweet Koneko and turns her into a foul-mouthed bitch! Not really likeable. Rias sounds like a sleaze, too. I will stick to the sub where the characters will stay true to their nature.

  23. Koneko's Loli boubs says:

    That ending for Hero made me go full Super Saiyan because of how happy I was with the ending like I was yelling. Lemme tell ya about this, The whole DxD series is my second favorite series. First is JoJos bizzare adventures. I am super hyped for this next season rn

  24. jared says:

    can’t wait

  25. liam says:

    I can’t wait to see the new season

  26. Anime fan says:

    Please add more romantic scence and a powerfull battle and saving the other girls

  27. Daunte says:

    Highschool dxd has to make a season 5

  28. Daunte says:

    Think about this they still have to fight voly

  29. Austin says:

    I am definitely looking forward to season 5 releasing soon. It’s a great story line. Just wish she still had the crimson hair again, instead of red now.

  30. Arminas says:

    Best anime in my live i wery lve this anime vohooo 😘😘😘

  31. kellian says:


  32. Miguel says:

    riaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssss aaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkeeeennnnno

    1. Glibmoth0 says:

      I agree! But I will also add Asia, Xenovia and all the other girls. You can have the Oppai Dragon. Does nothing for me except I think how stupid he looks falling all over himself when confronted by the girls.

  33. kahele says:

    i love this anime i hope that make seasin 5

  34. kahele says:

    i love this anime

  35. daniel says:

    I love this anime

    1. Damion says:

      This anime is the very best, I love the issei and rias romance and the battles, my most favorite anime by far.

  36. Tejas Lion says:

    If there will be no season 5 of HS DxD,I swear I will bring fight between god,fallen angles and demons

    1. Rody says:

      I will join you

  37. ssss says:

    i hope they make seasson 5 🙂

  38. Glibmoth0 says:

    Don’t which I want more sooner. Passion makes my two most favorite anime, High School DxD and Citrus. Either one would be fine. I’m just afraid of what the author of High School DxD his up his sleeve. He has a popular franchise and I see the Shin High School DxD willbe adding new characters. Don’t know what that mens to the anime, if anything. I don’t watch the show for Issie, I watch for the girls. Issie is just secondary to me. Tired of his fear of women. Needs to grow a pair when it comes to them. Especially since it is said that he indeed becomes a harem king and has children with almost every girl in the show. Don’t want it to become hentai but closer than it is now.

  39. ItzFake says:

    I wish They made High School DxD Season 5 I love the anime I love the characters and I love the Director,Producers and Others who Help Make Season 5 I love High school dxd When I watched this I always remember the ending and I get sadder Please Make Season 5 😇😭

  40. Carter says:

    I don’t mind seeing the tits but the story line is the best thing ever. If there is any anime with a story line with this i will kill for it.

  41. yeet says:

    breh i hope they do

  42. Super Fan says:

    Im werry excited because oli fall in love with this anime

  43. Alavec says:

    The High School DxD series deserves to be carried through to the end. It is an anime that is worth, it has an action love feeling family union and it is not vulgar.

  44. Suraj sangare says:

    I what season 5 i am fallen love with the anime

  45. Caleb says:

    Well it’s not going to be this year so it’s gonna be 2020. Looking forward to it!

  46. Joseph says:

    I know that a lot of fans love the manga of this series, I never read them, but from what I’ve seen from the anime series, it is pure bliss. I love it, and I do realize it takes time for these sequel seasons to come to fruition. I just hope that they keep to their word of confirming a 5 and 6 for the anime. Hopefully they have enough material to go off of for possibly more seasons after that. If not, the studio should start collaborating with the author about maybe having fresh new ideas to keep the series going on til they feel the series is run dry.