When Kill la Kill Season 2 Will be Release? Spoiler Updates

Kill la Kill Season 2 Release Date

Kill la Kill is an anime show produced by Trigger studio and follows a story packed with a lot of action sequence, comedy, and a strong storyline. The show gained a lot of popularity in a short amount of time and the creators were compelled to release OVA episodes after the end of the first Season of the anime. The first season completed back in March 2014 and fans are wondering whether there will be “Kill la Kill Season 2” or not.

Spoilers for the Kill la Kill Season 2

There has been a theory developed by fans based on the last OVA episode of the Kill la Kill, which ended with Inumuta and Iora going on a journey to study the life fibers. The Kill la Kill Season 2 might unfold the secrets behind the life fibers and their origin. The Season will lead the duo to meet someone who has already collected information about the life fibers over many years.  The information about the life fibers will lead them to find more of it. In the manga, it is mentioned that life fibers were found by the ancestors of the founder of the Hommouji Academy and they were the first to use them on the battlefield. Maybe Inumuta and Iora will find something similar to that.

The new season of the “Kill la Kill” will bring a new villain for the story, this new villain can be connected to the life fibers. With Iora and Inumuta collecting as much information about the life fibers in the second season, they may end up getting into the way of this new villain and thus introducing his identity to Ryuko and others. If you are new to the series below is a short description of the series.

Kill la Kill Season 2

Kill la Kill is a show which follows the story of a young girl named, Ryuko Matoi who enters the Hommouji Academy in order to find the murderers of her father and avenges him. She wields the scissors blade, at least the half of it, and use it to fight while investigating his father’s murder. Finally, when she finds her father’s murderer, she also finds out that he wields the other half of the scissors blade. But soon she realizes that the whole thing is a big web of conspiracy, woven very carefully, by her mother. As she finds out the motives of her mother of the world domination, Ryuko changes her mission from vengeance to saving the world.

There has been no official announcement regarding Kill la Kill Season 2, neither by Trigger studio nor by the director, Hiroyuki Imaishi. Though Toonami, English network of the anime, said in an interview that they will be glad if the Trigger studio does Kill la Kill Season 2 as the first season was a massive hit, both in Japan as well as in the United States.

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Release date of Kill la Kill Season 2

There have been no recent updates about the release of Kill la Kill Season 2, but it is known that the Trigger studio is currently working on “Little Witch Academia” and after that, the studio will be working on. two projects in collaboration with other production houses. It was also rumored that Trigger studio may start working on a sequel of one of their anime productions, Kill la Kill is most likely to be that sequel. It won’t be wise to predict the release date of Kill la Kill Season 2 as the official announcement is awaited.

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