"My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU" OreGairu Season 3: April 2020 Release

my teen romantic comedy snafu oregairu Season 3
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  1. Rafi says:

    When oregairu s3 release?

  2. Kaihaku says:

    The last volume of the Light Novel isn’t getting released until early 2019 so it will be a long time before we see Season 3 of the anime.

  3. Ikhsan maulana says:

    Apa kemungkinan anime S3 ini akan rillis pada akhir 2019 nanti ,

  4. cdsa says:

    what the fuck man

    1. Ckpillay says:

      same here bro….same here

      1. Try says:

        dude that ending hit me hard… i didnt even know that is possible
        this ending is probably worse than getting shot

  5. Zay says:

    It said the show is most likely to premier in may of 2019

    1. dishwasher says:

      they said that they will start production in may of 2019, i dont think they’ll premier it then

  6. MasterStorm says:

    I was feeling hyped till I realized that the book was coming out o we can’t see the anime yet and then the consideration that it will take awhile for it to even get a fan translation.

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