No Game No Life season 2: Rumors, News, Possibilities, And Release Date

No Game No Life season 2

It has been more than six years since fans are waiting for No Game No Life season 2. The anime is still one of the most-watched anime from the studio, Madhouse. There is still no official news from the side of the producers of the show, but we are here to discuss the possibilities of the No Game No Life season 2.

The fans of the anime are waiting for an official word about its season 2. The madness for the anime is very high amongst the fans. A lot of fans have written emails, letters and started petitions for the No Game No Life season 2. The anime ran for 12 episodes in 2012. Ever since its end, the fans have been waiting for more episodes of the anime. It is one of the greatest Isekai anime.

Madhouse studio released No Game No Life movie a few years back which actually gave us some hopes that the franchise is not dead yet. There is a lot to explore in the gaming world, and a lot achieve. Sora and Shiro are still determined to challenge Tet for the ultimate faceoff in the game. The No Game No Life movie was although a prequel to the series, but it was enough to raise some hope in the hearts of the fans. The film actually provided some context and background story to the series.

No Game No Life season 2


What Is The Fate Of The Series?

Future of any anime series depends upon the source material. No Game No Life has adopted only three volumes of its light novels so far. Which means, there is enough material left to cover the story and to make a few more seasons of the anime. The fans of the series have really high hopes for the No Game No Life season 2. They are still hoping that Madhouse studio will develop a new season anytime.

I also think the possibilities of No Game No Life to get a second season is high. Apart from having source material, the anime has some serious fan following. It will be a profitable business to release No Game No Life season 2. Along with that, Madhouse studio would not release a prequel movie to the anime if they do not have any plans for the future of No Game No Life. There is still a lot more of Disboards and adventures of Sora and Shiro to be shown on screen.

Possibilities For No Game No Life Season 2

If we take a look at the light novels of the series, we might get a good idea about what is going to come forward in the future of the anime. There have been ten volumes of the light novels released so far. At the end of the first volume, Sora determines to win over all the 16 species of Disboard to challenge Tet. In the last volume of the No Game No Life, Sora has already defeated 6 of the species and is moving Elkia forward.

The light novels of the series may take more than 25 volumes to complete the whole story. Which is good news for the fans because more volumes of the light novels mean there will be more seasons of the anime. The whole story may need at least 10 seasons. Yet the fans are still waiting for the second season of the No Game No Life.

What We Have Seen So Far In NGNL Anime:

The story of the anime revolves around two siblings, Sora and Shiro. They are the legendary Blank in the gaming universe who has never lost any game. One day, the god of games, Tet, challenges them to a chess game. They easily defeat Tet, and he offers them to live in a gaming world, Disboard. It is a place where all the problems are resolved by challenging each other to games. Spells bind the Disboard into harmony. Nobody can break the rules because of the spells.

No Game No Life season 2

Sora and Shiro traverse across the Disboard to find worthy opponents and challenge them. As they reach Elkia, the human nation, they find out the ultimate gaming champion will become its next ruler. They easily win the crown and aims to win against every nation in the Disboard to finally get to challenge Tet.

All The Rumors Surrounding Around The Series

There have been rumors about the Madhouse studio being interested in making the second season of the anime. The studio is willing to complete the story of the anime. Although there is no official announcement yet from the studio, we are sure it will happen very soon. Another rumor which is getting very popular these days is that the writer of the series has given a statement about the delay in the release of the light novel.

This is actually news, but it has no confirmed source, so we have decided to call it a rumor. The writer, Yu Kamiya, has allegedly said that he is taking time to figure out a satisfactory ending to the story and hence want to write the rest of the plot accordingly. This is why he is taking so long with the releasing the new volumes of light novels of the series.

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date

The fans are sure that Madhouse will soon start with the production of the season 2 of No Game No Life. Although there has been no announcement from the Madhouse studio about the project. The light novels and manga of the series are still in works. Along with that, the Madhouse studio has never announced the cancellation of the anime. It means that the studio has some future plans for the series.

Although there has been no official news for the release of the No Game No Life season 2, we are still speculating the release of the new season by the end of 2019. The fans will get the trailer and the updates of the No Game No Life season 2.

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