Noragami Season 3: Manga Resumed, Expected 2019 Release Date Updates

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Noragami Season 3 is one of the most anticipated series for anime fans right now, as it has a lot of questions to answers. The series is based on Japanese manga Noragami Aragoto by Adachitoka, the manga was initially published in Japan in 2011. The first season of the anime series came in January 2014 and had a total of 12 episodes.

The second season of Noragami Aragoto was premiered in October 2015 and had a total of 13 episodes. Season 2 ended with a cliffhanger and still has so many questions to answer. Viewers assumed that they might get to see Noragami Season 3 in 2016, but fans have been waiting for a third season for three years now.

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Updated on: 07-01-2019, After a 1.5-year long break on August 17, 2018, the original manga series has released its 18th volume comprising of chapters 72 to 75. Moreover, the 19th volume of the manga is scheduled to be released on February 5, 2019. With this, there will be enough content for the creators to come up with two new seasons of Noragami.

On the other hand, production studio Bones has four anime series lined up for 2018, which includes Mob Psycho 100 II, Carole & Tuesday, Bungo Stray Dogs 3, My Hero Academia Season 4. With enough content and fan following Bones studio may decide to make Noragami Season 3 in 2019.

Updated on: 13-02-2018, Still no update regarding the release of the Noragami Season 3. Moreover, the manga series is also on a hiatus, no new volume released since 17 February 2017.

Updated on: 28-09-2017, At present, the manga of the anime series has a total of 71 chapters and reportedly only first 38 chapters were used for the story of season 1 and 2. So, practically two more seasons could be created using the rest of the chapters. This sounds amazing for Noragami Fans.

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Noragami Season 3 Plot and Spoilers

It has been speculated that plot of the third season will revolve around Father, and probably Yato’s dark past will be fully revealed. With the end of season 2, fans were left with questions flooding in mind. Viewers want to know who was the random man who kissed Hiyoru, Noragami Season 3 spoilers reveal that he was none other that Yato’s father in disguise. It will be interesting to see the relationship between Yato and his Father.

Yato wants to be the god with millions of worshippers, and now Bishamon has finally forgiven him for killing his first family. And Yato is working on acquiring allies, in Noragami Season 3 Yato will be facing his previous regalia, Nora. It is expected that she will be seeking revenge as Yato made the decision to let her go, this might turn her into Yato’s next enemy as she has a twisted sense of morality and we may see a terrifying side of her.

Noragami Season 3 poster

Yato and friends have an amazing journey so far, and we want more of it. Will Yato gets his own temple in Noragami Season 3? Yato has become the god of fortune with Yukine’s guidance, and it is anticipated we may see how Yota prevents Hiyori’s death. Hopefully will get answers to the questions with the release of the third season.

Noragami Season 3 Release Date

At this point, BONES Studio which is a famous manga production company and has produced some of the best anime series such as Black, Wolf’s Rain, Soul Eater, and off course Noragami. With the release of two new volumes of the original manga series, there is enough content for Noragami Season 3 and Season 4. With the success of previous anime by Production studio Bones, the creators may come up with the sequel of the Noragami in 2019. However, an official announcement is awaited. For now, the good news is, the manga is back after a 1.5 year long hiatus. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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