Overlord Season 4: Will It Happen Or Not? Possibilities and Spoilers

Overlord Season 4

‘Overlord Season 4’ is one of the most anticipated anime returns of the year. After its initial release, the series was instantly picked up by the anime lovers due to its futuristic storyline. The previous season of the series released back in October 2018. Since then, fans are anxious to know more about the Overlord Season 4.

Madhouse studio is behind the production of this popular isekai anime. Madhouse has a bad reputation when it comes to making a sequel of an anime series. Overlord is one of the few anime which has kept Madhouse occupied for a while now. With the increasing fan following and the success, the chances of renewal are pretty high.

Fan’s have several questions about the upcoming installment. Are we going to have a new season of the series or not? Will Ainz be back with new challenges in season 4? Hence, here’s a look at all the possibilities of the release of Overlord Season 4.

Possibilities Of Overlord Season 4

“And the story goes on.”

The message was dropped in the finale of the Overlord Season 3. And it was enough to tease the fans about the upcoming season. With the confirmation about the next season, there are speculations that the production of the sequel can start by the end of 2020.

The light novel series fans might know that the story doesn’t end after the establishment of the Sorcerer Kingdom. So fans are expecting more new challenges and action in the new season.

Overlord Season 4

Like any other isekai novel, Overlord started out as a web novel. Eventually, it became popular enough to be turned into a light novel series. Also, it was adapted in the form of manga as well as anime. Currently, Madhouse has produced three seasons of Overlord which covered 9 out of 13 volumes that have been released so far.

So, animators have enough source material to pull out a new season from the remaining volumes of light novel series. Since season 2 and 3 came out within a short interval, fans are wondering about the release of Overlord Season 4.

It is possible that the upcoming installment will be of two-cour season. Because using 10th and 11th volume, a 13 episode cour can be animated. And also, another part can be produced using the remaining two volumes as they are a two-part story titled “The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom.”

What Fans Will See In The Next Installment?

Overlord has been following the manga quite well, and for the fans of the anime, we have exclusive spoilers about how Ainz will be doing in the future story. It is expected that the new season will open with Ainz handling the concerns related to the decline of the resources in his kingdom. After that, he’s planning to strengthen his Adventure Guilds.

Overlord Season 4

After discovering the Sorcerer Kingdom, Ainz walked to the mayor’s chamber to take over the throne of E-Rantel city. Along with Yuri and Albedo, Ainz goes into his new study to discuss some significant issues. In the new installment, Albedo tries to convey her feelings to his beloved master.

Season 4 of Overlord will most probably feature some previous scenes. Other characters will also meet Ainz to report their progress in the new challenges. It is possible that later parts of the Season 4 may highlight Pandora’s actor. He also asks Ainz about his future plans for the Sorcerer Kingdom. However, Ainz himself is in doubt what to do with his vast nation. In this part, Pandora’s actor will get Ainz’s special treatment and tries to keep it a secret from others.

Later in the light novel, Ainz finally gets an idea to turn his kingdom into a utopia, where all races kneel to him and honor him.

Overlord Season 4 Release Date

Anime creators try to keep the anime series marginally behind the source material to ensure the systematic release of new seasons. If Madhouse decides to make Overlord Season 4 in the next few months, there won’t be enough content for any further installments. This could lead in a hiatus, due to which several good anime series got canceled in the past.

It is expected Madhouse will wait for the light novel series to release two more volumes before pulling out ‘Overlord Season 4.’ Fans can expect the release in the fall of 2020 or early 2021.

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