Psycho Pass Season 3: Updates, News, Release Date and Spoiler

Psycho Pass Season 3 release date

Psycho Pass is a Japanese anime series by Production IG. The series has run from 2012 to 2014 for two seasons and after that, the series was continued with a movie adaptation in 2015. Now the fans are eagerly waiting for the third installment of the hit anime. Last year, after the completion of the second season of the anime the director, Akitoshi Mori promised that he is working on the Psycho Pass season 3.

The story of the anime series is set in the future where the crime is taken down using a Sibyl system. This system is a powerful network of psychometric scanners which measures the likelihood of a person is committing a crime in future by the measure of Crime Coefficient. When the crime coefficient exceeds a threshold index, the person is captured or eliminated as per the necessity. Police Enforcers are chosen in this system who already have high crime index and they are kept under observation during their work. The story goes around Shinya and Akane who are Police enforcer under the Sybil System. They uncover the works of the criminal master mind, Shogo Makishima. Makishima is a difficult target to capture or annihilate because he has a low crime coefficient in spite of his criminal actions.

Psycho Pass Season 3

It has been two years since the last release of the series, after that a couple of times Production I.G. has teased the fans with the Psycho Pass season 3. A few glimpses of the Psycho Pass characters were also teased with the promotion of the “Tata Anime” app. Just like Psycho Pass, fans are eagerly waiting for Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma Season 4.

Psycho Pass Season 3 Spoilers

Psycho Pass Season 3 is expected to return soon and the creators had teased the fans with little hints like the upcoming season will turn the beloved main lead of the series, Shinya Kogami, on the negative side. As we know all the Police Enforcers working in the Sibyl System have high crime coefficients, therefore it is very much possible that Shinya may turn to the dark side. His past was never completely revealed in front of the viewers, therefore turning him into an antagonist could be a good way to reveal more about his past.

Psycho Pass Season 3

But it is also confirmed by the studio that the main antagonist of the third season will be Makishima. Although he died in the finale of the first season, Makishima can return in the Psycho Pass season 3 in numerous ways, like in the end of the first season, Kogami doesn’t kill Makashima but instead, gives him to Akane to capture him alive. He missed him in the finale of the season one. Fans will remember that the Sibyl system wanted Makashima alive in the first season. Therefore when he was killed by Kogami, the system clones him using his brain tissues from his corpse and fulfills their motive.

 Psycho Pass Season 3 Release Date

There has been no official announcement regarding the release date of the third season but there have been various plot leaks and unofficial statements by the creators and the director about it. It is speculated that the Psycho Pass season 3 will be released by March 2018.

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