Samurai 8: Sci-Fi Series, Naruto’s Presence, Plot Details, Release Date

Samurai 8

Naruto’s creator is all set to present a new series for the anime’s heart-throb fans. Masashi Kishimoto’s longtime dream is about to reach to its reality. He officially announced the project, Samurai 8, which he has been planning for years. The official announcement was made in the near end of December 2018 at Shenon Jump’s Jump Fiesta convention.

The title of Kishimoto’s new manga series is Samurai 8: Hachimaruden. Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of the popular Naruto ninja manga series, will only do the writing work for his new series. Akira Okubo, his former assistant, will illustrate the manga series.

Samurai 8: Sci-Fi Series

It seems like almost all works of Kishimoto has been connected to the ninja-filled world. However this time, the manga series will set its foot in the science-fiction world. In this new series, he wanted to combine his love for Japanese culture and aesthetics with his love for science fiction genre.

The teaser of the series also screened along with the announcement in the convention. Even the trailer also featured a personal message from Kishimoto showing his immense interest in Manga as well as in science fiction.

Samurai 8 Will Feature Naruto

Yes, great news for die-hard Naruto fans. The new anime series will also feature the Naruto in the sci-fi series. The creator himself confirmed the news by a tweet from his official Twitter handle. However, Naruto’s position in the series, in a cameo role or a permanent one, is still unclear. Regardless of that, the news only has filled the audience with much excitement and enthusiasm.

Sounds like an almost impossible thing to do. However, the creator himself stated that he would work as hard as possible to make the series even more exciting and appealing than the Naruto series. However, with Naruto’s prolific popularity amongst the fans, that would be a daunting task to do. Naruto stands as the long-running, enormously successful anime and one of the most popular Manga in the world.

What To Expect From Samurai 8?

As the name suggests, the writer will use the Samurai world, which is the iconic symbol of the Japanese culture in Samurai 8. Alongside, he will delve things more into science fiction. According to the reports, the series will also feature cyborgs and the other oddities from the outer world.

The trailer showed a young boy with the symbol on his forehead, which reminds of second Hokagai. ( pretty similar to Naruto). The characters of the series may have robotics installed in their bodies. The teaser also featured characters from the series getting their limbs cut off. Therefore, the series will likely ensure some violent drama, as is generally expected by an anime.

Samurai 8: Set For 10 Volumes

According to reports, Kishimoto is planning to run the anime for ten volumes. However, this is just the part of some early plannings and could change accordingly as the series progress. Likewise, he initially planned Naruto for roughly 15 volumes, and we all know how long that journey went. This means that the new sci-fi anime could run for a lot longer than anyone would suspect.

Samurai 8 Release Date

The Manga for Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru will publish on May 13, 2019, celebrating the start of the Japanese Reiwa Period. It will issue in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. Though, a four-page review of the Manga has already released in the magazine’s combined issue on April 27, 2019. It was the final issue published in the Heisei period. In North America, Viz Media published the preview chapter on the Shonen Jump platform. Meanwhile, Shueisha issued it on Manga Plus platform.

However, the anime series is scheduled to premiere in the spring of 2019. The hopes are pretty high from it as the series will come attached with a great name from the manga world. Stay tuned for the next updates on Samurai 8.