Steven Universe Season 6: Release After Movie, Details & Updates

Steven Universe Season 6

Steven Universe Season 6 release is long due now. Fans are worried that it may not be coming back at all since there is no announcement of its renewal yet. However, it looks like there is no need to be concerned. Show creator Rebecca Sugar seemed to have hinted that the sixth season is still on the cards.

Moreover, in her previous interview, she mentioned, although not direct, that Steven Universe season 6 is happening. Hence, it looks like the season is just delayed and not canceled.

Steven Universe is an animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network. The series debuted on November 4, 2013. It is Cartoon Network’s first animated show created entirely by a woman.

The animated series is set in the fictional town of Beach City, Delmarva, home to the Crystal Gems. The immortal alien warriors protect humanity from monsters and other dangers. The Crystal Gems comprises Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven.

Steven Universe Season 6: Cause Of Delay

The main reason why Steven Universe Season 6 could not go to production earlier is “Steven Universe: The Movie.” The production team is still busy with the movie.

The crew behind the animation film are the same ones who work for the TV series. It is apparent that they are preoccupied with the movie’s production as it will be released later this year.

Steven Universe Season 6: What Will Happen In The New Season

Steven Universe Season 6 will commence from the time when Steven learned about his identity. Now that knows who he is; it will make him realize many things, including how he lives his life.

Steven Universe Season 6

Furthermore, in a podcast, former crew member Jones-Quartey shared his knowledge about Steven Universe Season 6.

“The thing about Steven Universe is that it’s coming off an age story, and this is something Steven has to figure out to start making decisions for himself,” Quartey explained when asked about season 6’s storyline.

He can’t be distracted by any sort of ‘supposed to.’ It doesn’t exist for him now, and he realized that he doesn’t have to be what other people want or expect him to be.” He added.

Steven Universe: The Movie

Steven Universe Season 6 is delayed due to the movie and here are some of the details we do know. It is scheduled to be released this fall, and it is a musical.

The extraordinary music-filled adventure for Steven and his friends with more new songs and music than ever before.

In his first television movie scheduled for this fall, Steven thinks his time protecting the Earth is over. Although, when a new threat comes to Beach City, Steven faces his toughest challenge yet.

Since it is a musical, the official movie tracklist includes 38 songs. Some of the titles are “Once upon a time,” “The Tale of Steven,” “Home Sweet Home,” and “Let us adore you.”Steven Universe Season 6

Steven Universe: The Movie will air on Cartoon Network on September 2.

Steven Universe Season 6: Possible Release Date

Right now, all we know is Steven Universe The Movie is set to release in September. If season 6 happens, it is most likely to premiere after the movie. If the production starts working on the series soon after the film, we can expect a mid-2020 release.

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