The Dragon Prince Season 3: Likely To Release in 2019, Plot, Updates

The Dragon Prince Season 3
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  1. Ceward Victorian says:

    Love the visuals and plot KEEP going can’t wait for season 3

  2. anonymous says:

    id like to know how the loose ends will tie up, i like the grim tones of dark/deathmagic, and im interested in finding out if the captured elves in virens coins are in a suspended animation particularly in regards to Runaan, i feel his story is not over.
    also viren taunting rayla about the coins i feel theres more there, im concerned about claudia cause shes very much on the fence she doesn’t want to have to choose but i feel there was missed character development with the scene with soren, soren looks to have a sense of good and evil, but i think claudia has a ways to go in development. i think shes still grieving the loss of her mother, but is unwilling to face that maybe her father is the one responsible for the “divorse” and family disolution.
    the key of aavaros, that callum has, i think that needs to be explored maybe with the dragon queen, also the origins of aaravos id like that to be fushed out more, im thinking based on the current plot a nine episode series is not long enough to flesh out all the plot-holes. i feel longer series would be good.
    i like the relationship angle of ethari and runaan, as an adult couple, its just like any other, i dont think it needs to be shown too often maybe adjust dialogue so as to keep it very much a kids show, but keep adult undertones for the more mature audiences watching with their children, after all rated “G” general audiences, same could go for amaya*anika’s relationship, not focus on these relationships but keep them as like side notes and as no surprise to the other characters as its fine. shows that the world doesnt care an iota about who someone likes just that they like each other as more than friends.
    i think regina draconis needs more character development, particularly with her being so approving of magical and mundane beings coexisting straight off the bat, i feel like she needs more focus. i think she should also see callums cube to give insight because he just thinks of it as a cool toy and magic device but i feel there is a missed oportunity if its not noticed by the dragon queen.
    over all its a good series.
    i feel like their should be more races besides human and elf, i think orc, dwarf, etc could also be added with out much trouble. but id leave that to the executive.