Trinity Seven Season 2: Could Be Released In 2018? Latest Updates

trinity seven season 2 Release date

Trinity Seven Season 2: There is no denying that season 1 got a good response from the fans and managed to earn good ratings. Since the conclusion of the first installment, the release date of the second season has been rumored several times. However, none of the rumors grounded and fans are still eagerly waiting for  Trinity Seven Season 2.

“Trinity Seven” is the television anime adaptation of the manga of the same name. It is reported that the first season of the anime consumed 7 volumes of the manga series and as per the latest update the manga series is still running and has completed 15 volumes. The 15th volume of Trinity Seven manga was published on February 9, 2017. Fortunately, the Trinity Seven Season 2 may be on its way as the producers would release the next installment to repeat the success of manga as well as anime series.

Updated on 19/04/2018: As per the latest updates, there has been no word from the studio or the creators regarding Trinity Seven Season 2. The most recent event in this anime was the release of the anime film titled “Trinity Seven the Movie: The Eternal Library and the Alchemist Girl” on February 25, 2017.

Moreover, the 17th volume of the manga series was released on August 8, 2017 this could be the good news for the fans as there is still hope for the second season of the anime. The anime film got a good response from the fans and this might motivate the creators to come up with Trinity Seven Season 2, let’s hope for the best.

The plot of the anime revolves around a High School teenager, Arata Kasuga, who lived a normal life together with his childhood friend and cousin in a small town. One day everything changed when the Black Sun caused the Breakdown phenomenon due to which his cousin and childhood friend got transferred into a different dimension.

trinity seven season 2

He lost everything he had and now he has decided he will find his cousin sister and will save the world. On his journey to save the world, Arata Kasuga gets into Royal Biblia Academy, where he meets the “Trinity Seven.” Arin Kannazuki, Lilith Asami, Levi Kazama, Yui Kurata, Mira Yamana, Akio Fudo and Lieselotte Sherlock.

These Seven girls have the resemblance to the Seven Sins: 
  • Arin Kannazuki- Anger
  • Lilith Asami- Lust
  • Levi Kazama- Envy
  • Yui Kurata- Greed
  • Mira Yamana- Hubris
  • Akio Fudo- Gluttony
  • Lieselotte Sherlock- Stagnation

When Trinity Seven Season 2 Will Release?

Earlier it was believed that Trinity Seven Season 2 will be aired in 2015. However, the Seven Arcs Pictures and TV Tokyo couldn’t renew the series because of lack of original content. Meanwhile, 8 new volumes of the manga series are available for creating the next installment of the much-awaited series.
It has been also said that Trinity Seven Season 2 could consist 24 episodes, however, there is no official announcement yet. It seems the creators have enough content and we believe the second reason could release in fall of 2018. Stay tuned for the latest updates on Trinity Seven Season 2.