Zootopia 2: What Creators Are Saying about the Release and Plot

Zootopia 2

There has been no denying that Zootopia earned a huge fandom and now Disney is planning to make “Zootopia 2” as the sequel of this highly appreciated movie of  2016. Well, in an interview, Director Rich Moore and Byron Howard confirmed that they have enough stories ideas that would be enough for making  Zootopia 2. Well, the producers are also willing to repeat the box office success with “Zootopia 2”. Along with success, directors had to deal with the controversies related to this movie however controversies are just a part of its success.

In an interview, creators of the epic movie reveal that at first, they wanted to create Disney classic like Robin Hood however they dropped that idea as this time they wanted to create a movie which is out of the box.  It took 5 years to create it as the Disney wanted it to be the movie which gives a tough competition to the movies like Avatar.  They have invested their two years in researching about the animals and even went to Africa to know how the predator and prey would gather pleasingly around the waterhole.

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Later, they realized that they have an opportunity through which they can pull of this fear only through an animated movie.  It looks like “Zootopia 2” will also be created in the same way as the directors are now planning another trip for the screenplay of the sequel. Well, it just a rumor so it cannot be taken into accounts.

Zootopia 2

Zootopia producer, Clark Spencer reminds us of the movie Lion King that gave a wonderful opportunity to parents and children’s to talk about the death. Further one, the creators talked about the hardest part of this movie as they confess that “it was hard to capture the discrimination and Zeitgeist of bias without turning this movie into a ‘Message movie”.  Overall, the entire team has worked hard and all their hard work is now bearing fruits in the form of billion dollars and a massive box –office success.  Well, there is no doubt that they will be creating Zootopia 2 with the same dedication which again makes the movie a billion dollar success.

In an interview, held in 2017 at Golden Globe awards, Moore explained that Zootpia is all about racism and discrimination prevails in our society.  The movie was designed to reflect the damage caused by such things to our society. The core idea is to discuss the stereotypical side of the society.

Creators said that “Zootopia breaks off the barriers and let us go off it. We have seen many movies in which humans dealing with emotions and hard times, however, this time animals are going through this”. In the movie, Judy and Nick discovered their flaws, understand them and learned how to deal with such flaws?

As per the Spoilers

Zootopia 2

Its production isn’t started yet but still, there are some spoilers. In the upcoming Disney animated movie “Zootopia 2”, viewers will see Hoop and wild together developing the feeling for each other. However, the social stigma will stop them to do so. Well, you read this rumor at the beginning of the content. So, till now there are not enough spoilers.

Will Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps Romance in Zootopia 2?

Since the news of “Zootopia 2” under production came into the knowledge of its fans, Judy and Nick’s romance become a hot discussion for everyone. Everyone is expecting to see a love affair between these Zootopia’s leading characters. The major concern of Zootopia creators is to create a virtuous follow-up for the favorite characters of the animated movie.

The ending scene of the first part hinted that there would be a cozy relationship between Nick and Judy and their relationship status will be changing soon. Moore once confessed that the movie ending was a hint of the upcoming romance of the Zootopia characters however he never assumed that his one comment would turn into a huge debate.

Well, it is so wired as some fans want Judy and Nick to be together, get married and have kids while some fans are like ‘ Why they can’t be just friends and not more than that?  Many want to see these characters as friends and looking for a different end of “Zootopia 2”.  On the other hand, this hot debate let the creators think about the relationship status of the sequel.  When a reporter asked Moore about the romance thing then Moore said “there are some fans that want to see romance and other want to see no romance between them.   He further said that he and his team still need to think about what would be best for the sequel and still have a lot to discuss with his team about the new Zootopai world”.

Zootopia 2: What new the cast want to see in the sequel

Zootopia 2

The voice is what brings the life and emotions to the animated characters and no doubts an excellent performance was delivered by Ginnifer Goodwin, Idris Elba, Jason Bateman, Nate Torrence, Jenny Slate, K.K. Simmons, Alan Tudyk, Tommy Chong, Bonnie Hunt, Octavia Spencer, Shakira and Don Lake.

So, after such a magnificent performance, viewers expecting more from the cast in Zootopia 2 and when a reporter asked Ginnifer Goodwin about what she’d like to see happen in the sequel, the actress replied: “ I want the script to be a little bit flipped off”. Well, when the same question was asked to Jason Bateman who voices Nick wild then he answered “we both will kick off the ass of bad guys, cleaning up the streets mess. A new couple cop has reported to the city, so bad guys, beware!”  Well, it seems that both of them are really excited about the sequel of the movie.

Zootopia 2 Release Date Updates

Unfortunately, the movie is in the pipeline and the release date can be in near future. However, Frozen 2 is going to be releasing soon and from that fans can assume that “Zootopia 2” will get a release date after Frozen 2. Moreover, these animated movies take years even in the presence of latest technology.