Robert Forster Dies At 78; 5 Things You Don’t Know About ‘Breaking Bad’ Star


Robert Forster, an actor who featured in almost every big movie and TV show for decades, will not be seen anymore. At the age of 78, Forster died on October 11, 2019. He was known for his prominent roles in movies like Jackie Brown, Medium Cool, Delta Force, and TV series like Twin Peaks.

Forster was one of the acclaimed actors of the industry. Let us find out some unknown facts about Robert Forster.

Oscar Nominee-Robert Forster

Robert Foster

Yes! Forster has been nominated for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown. Though he did not win that award, he was very much appreciated for his work in the movie. That character also escalated his career in Hollywood.

Died On The Day Of His Last Movie’s Premiere

Unfortunately, his death anniversary coincides with the premiere day of his movie, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. In the film, he played Ed Galbraith, a vacuum repairman who specializes in relocating people running from the law, giving them new identities for a hefty fee. Forster also featured in the parent series of the movie, Breaking Bad, in Season 5, Episode 15 in the same character.

Worked In Almost 110 Movies And 66 TV Shows

Robert Foster
1976 Actor Robert Forster Press Photo

Forster debuted in the industry in 1967 in the movie Reflections in a Golden Eye in the supporting role of Private Williams. That led him to success with a total of 110 movies and 66 TV shows, lined from that year till now, 2019. He gave his five decades to Hollywood with amazing and rememberable performances.

Died Due To Brain Cancer

As told by Kathie Berlin, Forster had Brain Cancer from long and became the reason of his mournful death. He learned about his severe disease in June. She is a longtime friend of Mr. Forster, who handled his publicity.

Will Feature In Two More Films

Kathie Berlin also revealed some-what good news for the fans of Forster. He is starred in two more additional films that are yet to release. It seems like he had already completed the filming work for those two movies.

The audience will remember Forster and also prays for him to Rest In Peace.