Alita Battle Angel 2: Will Cameron Come Up With A Sequel? Plot Details

Alita Battle Angel 2

James Cameron’s long-awaited project, ‘Alita Battle Angel’ released in January. The movie came out as a technological masterpiece in terms of both CGI and 3D just like Cameron’s Avatar. The film emerged as the fourth highest grosser of 2019. However, the end of the film directed the audience towards the sequel. So, the question arises that will there be Alita Battle Angel 2? If Yes, when it will release? What will be the plot of the sequel? Let’s find out all the answers to these questions below.

Alita Battle Angel is a cyberpunk action film, directed by Robert Rodriguez. He and Cameron have been developing the project since 2000. And after almost two decades, the movie finally made ground on box office. The film featured Rosa Salazar as an amnesiac cyborg girl destined to become the titular heroine, Alita.

The movie is based on the 1990s classic Japanese Manga series, Gunnm created by Yukito Kishiro. The film got delayed due to Cameron’s busy schedule with Avatar and its sequels. Finally, Rodrigues, Cameron’s close friend, stepped up as the director in 2016 and paced up the production work of the movie.

Alita Battle Angel 2: Will Happen or Not?

The story-line of the debut movie left voids for a sequel. Both Rodriguez and Cameron talked to Digitalspy about the future of the sequel. According to them, they have a plan for the sequel, but the box-office status of the debut movie will decide the fate of Alita Battle Angel 2. However, the audience is eager to have the second movie, to know more about Alita and her powers.

The First Movie Sets Up The Stage For The Sequel

The first movie set up a foundation about Alita. The first movie dealt with Alita discovering herself as a Berserker. Dr. Ido (Christoph Waltz) saves her as he found her in the junk pile. Later she enhanced her skills at Motorball. The film also saw Alita developing a romantic relationship with cyborg-jacker Hugo (Keean Johnson). Alita wanted to escape Iron City to the land above, The city of Zalem. Later, Chiren (Jennifer Connelly), Grewishka (Jackie Earle Haley) and Hugo died as they tried to get to the town of Zalem.

Alita Battle Angel 2

Meanwhile, Nova lingered as a background throughout the movie. This revealed at the near end of the film. Nova is a criminal entity of Zalem, who motivated Elita to travel upwards. When Hugo dies trying to reach upwards, Alita vows to reach Zalem anyhow and kill the villain. For achieving this, she becomes the Motorball champion so that she can continue her journey to Zalem.

What Will Happen in Alita Battle Angel 2?

A 1993 Battle Angel anime also adopted the two volumes of the same manga. The first movie went somewhat alike with the anime. Therefore, in continuation with manga, the second part of Alita Battle Angel would also continue.

In the manga, Alita works as a Hunter-Warrior, even after her triumph at Motorball. She then has to lose her championship match against Jashugan (Jai Courtney). Later, she gets trapped in the scenario developed by Nova where she has to kill Zapan (Ed Skrein). She did that to resurrect his recently murdered father, Ido.

She’s then sentenced to death as she gets recruited by the Zalem spec-ops group. They also gave her new body and even went for quite some missions with the final aim to murder Nova. All these arcs can become the plot-line for the sequel. However, it only depends on Cameron and Rodriguez, how they want the sequel to be made.

All this would become the content to think about when the film gets rebooted for the sequel, Alita Battle Angel 2.

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