Aquaman 2: Filming In 2021, Cast Details, Plot And Release Date

Aquaman 2
Warner Bros.

All eyes of DCEU fans are now on Jason Momoa’s Aquaman 2. The sequel of The King Of Atlantis is in development, and the fans are desperately waiting to know all the details about it.

The first stand-alone Aquaman film came in 2018 with a bang and became one of the most successful movies of DCEU. Also, Aquaman became the most grossing movie of DC Universe, surpassing The Dark Knight. Although, the character has already debuted before its stand-alone movie in Justice League in 2017. The critics also appreciated James Wan’s direction and the visual effects of the film.

Aquaman 2: Filming In 2021

Yes! The second movie of Aquaman is slated to begin filming in 2021. In an interview with Radio Times, the lead star, Jason Momoa, revealed that its all mapped out. As he stated, “But I wouldn’t say they’ve got the final script just yet. That’s not filming until next year.” It seems long for the return of King of Atlantis, but fans felt a little relieved with the news. Although, as per the reports, Warner Bros. is looking up to commence the filming work in early 2020.

Cast Returning for Aquaman 2

Aquaman 2
Warner Bros.

The cast members for the sequel of Aquaman is yet to be announced. However, the main cast will surely return for the sophomore run of the film. Lead by Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry, a.k.a. Aquaman, the sequel will also have Amber Heard as Mera. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta. Dolph Lundgren as Nereus. Nicole Kidman as Atlanna. Willem Dafoe as Nuidis Vulko, and Patrick Wilson as Ocean Master Orm.

In an interview, Wilson confirmed his involvement with the sequel. According to his statement, “I’m slightly briefed on Orm-related matters. I throw a little dart here and there and i say, ‘So, what about this?’ and James Wan will say, ‘Well, this is what I’m thinking.’” Also, there has been some issue related to the casting of Amber Heard because of her lawsuit issue with her former husband, Johnny Depp.

What Will Happen In Aquaman 2?

As per the post-credits scene, it is clear that Black Manta is all furious to take revenge. Though he was not able to do much in the first movie, he will definitely show his full strength as the arch-nemesis of Aquaman in the second film. In comic books, the duo have shared almost 50 years of history.

Aquaman 2
Warner Bros.

Also, the first film opened up a lot of gates to explore in the second run. Black Manta got rescued by Dr. Stephen Shin (Randall Park). Dr. Shin appears from the comic where he is an Atlantis truther. At the end of Aquaman, the audience saw Aquaman sparing Ocean Master Orm’s life. So, both of the Aquaman villains may unite one more time and confront the Aquaman.

Aquaman 2: Release Date

Warner Bros. has already scheduled the release date for the upcoming sequel of Atlantis King Arthur, our Aquaman. Aquaman 2 is set to bang the mega-screens on December 16, 2022. The sequel will return after four years of the debut of stand-alone Aquaman movie in DC Universe.

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