Happy Death Day 2U: New Trailer, Changed Release Date & More

Happy Death Day 2U

A worthy sequel to 2017’s ‘Happy Death Day’ is going to release this year. Hopefully, the follow-up will be better than the former part. The final official trailer of Happy Death Day 2U released this new year, and fortunately, the trailer looks more appealing than the previous one.

Happy Death Day was a slasher film that speaks the story of a college student called Theresa “Tree” Gelbman. Played by Jessica Rothe, Tree is forced to relive a single day over and over again. On her birthday, a man with a scary mask murders her, and she has to relive her death multiple times until she breaks the loop by killing the person who is after her.

The same routine follows with different endings, in each of which, she dies. With every repeated time, she gets close to figuring out her killer. The story of the original film was liked by youngsters and is still appreciated by many. It released on Valentine’s day in 2017.

Happy Death Day 2U also has a similar theme and storyline. However, this time, her killer is going after her friends too. If her friends die, they stay dead in real life as well. This makes the plot much more complex and exciting. This time Tree has to die numerous times to figure out a way to save her friends.

Happy Death Day 2U: How Is The New Trailer?

The new official trailer of the movie released on 1 January 2019. The latest trailer is a much better counterpart to the first movie. It is weird that the sequel already has three teasers, unlike the single trailer of the original film.

The first teaser of Happy Death Day 2U released in theaters, ahead of its official release on the YouTube channels of Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures. The conventional theatrical teaser was a mere disappointment to the fans who have already seen the original movie.

Fortunately, the new trailer is superior to the earlier one and is successful to keep the audience interested.

Has The Official Release Date of The Sequel Changed?

Happy Death Day 2U was initially scheduled to have a theatrical release on February 14, 2019. The film was going to release on Valentine’s Day, strategically. However, since the day coincides with the unfortunate first anniversary of the Parkland shootings, the makers decided to postpone the premiere date.

One of the victim’s parent pleaded to change the released date, convincing Universal Pictures to consider a change. Fred Guttenberg’s daughter Jaime Guttenberg was one of the victims in the Parkland shooting. On February 14, 2018, a gunman opened fire on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, killing 17 innocent people.

Thus, disappointed with the release date, Fred requested Universal to reconsider the release date of Happy Death Day 2U.

Hence, Universal Pictures decided to prepone the release of the movie to one day earlier than the initial date, i.e., February 13, 2019.

Happy Death Day 2U will now release on 13th February in North America. Moreover, the release of the film will suspend in Parkland and the surrounding areas.

Though, in all other regions than North America, Happy Death Day 2U will release on February 14, 2019. The prepone of the release date is just for areas mentioned above only.

Happy Death Day 2U may turn out better than the original movie. Anticipated fans are eagerly waiting for the sequel as the slasher film is perfect for watching with friends and may turn out to be an excellent entertainer.

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