Jack Reacher 3: Why Jason Mamoa Would Be The Best Jack Reacher?

Jack Reacher 3

Tom Cruise starrer Jack Reacher was a commercial success. It received a massive amount of love from his fans. However, Tom’s casting offended an entire set of people who love Lee Child’s famous 2005 novel. Hence, Lee confirms Cruise’s drop from the Jack Reacher 3, and entire franchise.

Lee Child has earned a loyal fanbase due to the supremacy of his novels. He is planning to come up with a new series instead of a movie. Due to the hate he receives because of Cruise’s casting, he is thinking to find a replacement for him. The new series will be called the Reboot of the Jack Reacher franchise.

The problem with Tom as the lead was due to his height and physique. Jack Reacher was 6’5” tall in the novels. He weighed around 210-250 huge pounds. Tom in comparison with Reacher felt unacceptable to the fans of the books. Moreover, despite his acting skills, they couldn’t replace a character as huge as Jack Reacher.

Jack Reacher 3

Who Can Match Jack Reacher’s Physique?

There have been plenty of speculations about Tom Cruise’s replacement. Audiences have confusion about the little choices we have. As previously mentioned, some deserving actors may suit the lead role. But one of them is a sure shot at becoming the best Jack Reacher ever.

Aquaman Jason Mamoa is a potential actor that may become the best image of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher 3. The actor has shown his skills and capabilities in his work before. Hopefully, he will satisfy the fans of the novels as well. So, can he become Tom Cruise’s best replacement? Let’s find out.

1. Perfect Physique

Jack Reacher 3

The main reason for dropping Tom Cruise from the franchise is the size. Size and physique play an essential criterion for the casting of Jack Reacher 3. Considering that, the 39-year old actor is a perfect match. Mamoa may even be too big for being the killing machine.

The actor is 6’4” tall and weighs around 230-240 pounds. Hence, deserving to be our Reacher.

2. Acting Skills

Jack Reacher 3

The actor has starred in more than 25 shows and films. He is mainly favourite for the recent Aquaman and his iconic role as Khal Drogo in Games of Thrones. He also gave a striking cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League.

The actor received notable critical acclaim for Aquaman. He now has a huge fanbase due to his brilliant acting. Hence, the actor deserves to be a suitable choice as Jack Reacher 3.

3. Previous Commercial Success

Jack Reacher 3

Many of his works, such as Aquaman, Games of Thrones, Frontier were hit on the box-office. His lead role in Aquaman brought a total worldwide gross of $1.097 million.

Tom Cruise starrer Jack Reacher earned $218.3 million worldwide. However, it decreased to $200 million worldwide for the sequel. Fans of Lee’s novels are still upset with the casting. This may result in the downfall of the show’s earning.

Thus, with his killing looks, Josan Mason can prove to be a better Jack Reacher. Lee Child’s Novels have a vast amount of readers that support him with this journey. The casting of the lead actor plays a vital role in the success. Finally, with Lee’s decision to replace Cruise, Jack Reacher 3 may turn out to be equally acknowledgeable as his novels.