Shazam! 2: Henry Cavill Coming Back As Superman For The Sequel

Shazam! 2

Last year DC’s Shazam was the talk of the town. The movie was one of the most successful movies of the year. Fans were thrilled to see Zachery Levi’s Shazam on screen. They had been waiting for an announcement of the sequel since the release. Then back in December 2019, Shazam! 2 was announced. There are few updates on the sequel, read about them here.

Henry Cavill To Play Superman In Shazam! 2?

Yes, If the rumors are to be believed, Henry Cavill might come back as Superman in Shazam! 2. This return will put him in a very interesting battle with Zachary Levi. The rumor has it that Henry Cavil, the Superman will get into the control of Mister mind. Mister Mind is the only survivor of the whole mind-controlling race from Venus. The post-credits in original Shazam! teased this.

Shazam! 2

The rumor also has that Dwayne Johnson is keen on having Henry Cavill. He wants a shared DC universe. So, there are possibilities that he would be a part of Black Adam too. In an interview, Henry Cavill said that he would fight for the role and not give up. He has recently had a big success with Netflix’s The Witcher. This has only bolstered his chances to come back as Superman. Initially, Cavill was only in for a cameo un Shazam! But now, it looks like Warner Bros and Gracia are getting over with a new contract and, of course, more money.

What Can Happen In The Sequel?

The movie is still two years away, so not many details on it are out yet. However, the fans are expecting to see Black Adam against Shazam! in the sequel. Black Adam is the most powerful arch-nemesis of Shazam in comics. Lately, director David F. has reveled some news for the fans. He is planning to have the whole Shazam family in the upcoming sequel. In an interview, he said that he feels like they can do more with the Sahazom family. They have just introduced them, but they can explore how it all works in a superhero family.

Shazam! 2

All this comes from the end of Shazam!. Billy used the Wizard Shazam’s staff to enhance his powers and also foster his siblings. All this resulted in all of them being Shazamed. These siblings included Freddy Freeman, Mary Bromfield, Eugene Choi, Darla Dudley, and Pedro Peña.

Coming back to the cross-over, since both the DCEU movies, Black Adam and Shazam! 2 are releasing back to back, there are possibilities of a cross-over. There might be a small sequence of this cross-over in the sequel, but they will not meet properly until Shazam! 3.

Shazam! 2: Has The Production Started?

Shazam! 2 hasn’t started the production yet. They are still gearing up to start filming in July. It is the same month when Black Adam will begin the shoot. Both movies will release only three or fewer months apart. There are a lot of chances that the production timelines of the two projects might collide. Even if Shazam! 2 delays their project a bit, the timelines will overlap, Shazam! 2 will release on April 1, 2022.