Shrek 5: Latest Updates On The Movie, Release Date And More

Shrek 5

It’s almost been a decade since the audience saw foolish yet kindhearted green giant ogre and his sidekick donkey. With Shrek 5, fans are expecting the same fun and ogre drama. After NBC Universal took over Dreamworks in 2016, they made the official renewal announcement for which the audience was waiting. The renewal of Shrek movie was almost definite. That is because of its global fan following among children as well as the adults.

Shrek 5: Chris Meledandri Set To Direct

Chris Meledandri, Illumination CEO and founder is assigned to direct the next Shrek movie. He is known for the production of some popular animated movies including Despicable Me and Minions. Therefore, Chris’ addition to the franchise has quite much increased the expectations of the film.

shrek 5

Though, the director is not much available, since he is working on some other big projects too. Reportedly, Chris is working on the movie based on popular video game Super Mario Bros. Also, this project is a priority development for Chris, as per the sources. The Mario movie is slated to premiere sometime in 2022. Therefore, it seems like the audience has to wait for quite some time to have production news on Shrek 5.

Justin Timberlake Might Return For Shrek 5

Justin Timberlake has first joined the franchise in Shrek The Third where he provided his voice to Artie, one of the possible heirs to the kingdom of Far Far Away. Though everybody thought that Artie would become the regular cast member of the following movies, it did not happen. However, there are possibilities that Timberlake will be back in the next Shrek movie.

shrek 5

Though, the star is a little busy with his upcoming project also with Dreamworks. He is working on Trolls World Tour which is expected to premiere in 2020.

Shrek 5: How Will It Be?

Chris also revealed that he is a big fan of the Shrek franchise. Therefore, he is sometimes drawn to bring back the original elements of the movie series. With his comments, it seems that the upcoming movie would end up being a reboot.

Also, the reboot will include the Puss In Boots spin-off film. And, he has every intention to bring back the original cast in the movie. That will likely include Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas, and Eddie Murphy, and probably, Justin Timberlake too.

Shrek 5

As per the speculations, Shrek 5 will focus on Shrek and Fiona dealing with their teenaged children. For that, the two will need Donkey, and Puss In Boots to help them. Moreover, the family might end up returning to Far Far Away to ask Artie for his help.

Shrek 5: Release Date

Right now, the director is busy with his project, the Mario movie which will likely premiere in 2022. Therefore, Shrek 5 will presumably be in works by 2023. After then, the required time for making the movie will set the release date for Shrek 5. For future updates on Shrek 5, stay tuned.

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