Shrek 5: Movie Under Production, Reinvented Plot, Release Date

Shrek 5

Shrek 5: Who doesn’t love the foolish yet kindhearted green giant ogre and his sidekick donkey? All his stupid acts along with his companion Mr. Donkey. It’s almost been a decade since the last movie of Shrek Franchise released. However, the cute giant ogre has recently become a hot potato all over the Internet.

The renewal news caught fire when NBC Universal overtook Shrek’s owner DreamWorks Animation back in 2016. The chief of NBC Universe, Steve Burke also shared his plans of renewing some of DreamWorks’ project, including the Shrek movie. He also revealed that Chris Meledandri (Despicable Me and Minions) would take charge of the next animated film of NBC, along with Shrek 5.

Later, NBC Universal made the official announcement for which the audience was waiting. Shrek 5 will be the next installment of the franchise under the new production. That renewal was almost definitely because of its global fan following among children as well as the adults.

A New Start With A Different Story?

At the time of the announcement of the next film, the pre-production work was on-going. The script got finished in the later months of 2016. In an interview, the writer of the movie, Michael McCullers talked about the plot of the film. He stated that as everything is new and different, the next movie also needs reinvention.

Who Will Return For The Shrek 5?

Shrek 5

Reportedly, only Eddie Murphy has confirmed his comeback as the Donkey. The other stars of the movie who gave their voices to the characters are yet to confirm their comebacks. That’ll include Mike Myers as Shrek and Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona. Eddie also confirmed that the film is currently in production. Since the film is turning towards different plot and story, the audience would see some new characters in the next Shrek movie.

Shrek 5: What Can Happen?

The upcoming movie may feature Shrek and Donkey’s children as the little fellas have grown by now. The relationship between them and their survival in the kingdom could become the plot for the next Shrek movie. The possible reinvention of the movie could also mean the absence of Shrek and Princess Fiona. Mike and Cameron also have not confirmed their return for the fifth movie. However, these speculations should be taken with a grain of salt for now.

The audience also came out with mixed opinions on the reboot of the Shrek franchise. They want their green ogre movie to be original and not reinvented. However, some fans seemed pretty happy about the renewal news.

Shrek 5 Release Date Updates

According to the speculations, Shrek 5 will hit the big screens in the latter half of 2019. However, the NBC universe is yet to make the official announcement about the release of the movie. Stay tuned for the latest updates.