A Quiet Place 2: Teaser Released, Cast And Plot Details, Release In March 2020

A Quiet Place 2
Paramount Pictures

John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place came as one of the successes of Paramount Pictures. The films’ sequel, A Quiet Place 2, is also on its way to the fans. And the fans are anticipating quite a lot with its upcoming run.

This time, John Krasinski is behind the screen, to write and direct the sequel. The filming for A Quiet Place 2 began in July 2019. And by late September, they wrapped up. The first movie received acclaim from critics, with many praising like the atmosphere, sound design, Krasinski’s direction, and the performances. Not just this, the movie also got various accolades, including American Film Institute Awards, Critic’s Choice Movie Awards, Satellite Awards, and more.

A Quiet Place 2: Teaser Out

Recently, the first teaser and poster for A Quiet Place 2 arrived. And as evident, the clip featured Emily Blunt’s Evelyn along with her children moving forward into the unknown. The half-minute teaser did not give away much but made sure that the forthcoming ride of The Abbott family is not going to be easy. To ease down the fans, the full-length trailer will release on January 1, 2020.

Cast Returning for A Quiet Place 2

The main lead of the debut film is set to return for the second run as well. Emily Blunt is on her rescue mission as Evelyn Abbott, along with her children, Millicent Simmonds, as Regan Abbott, and Noah Jupe as Marcus Abbott. Peaky Blinders star Cillian Murphy, Brian Tyree Henry, and Djimon Hounsou have also joined the sequel.

a quiet place part 2
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Although, the audience was expecting the return of John Krasinski in any way, as he died by the end of the first movie. Most likely, he’ll return for the flashbacks in the sequel.

A Quiet Place 2: Plot Details

The official synopsis for the upcoming sequel of horror drama is also out now. According to that, the sophomore run will continue to the first movie, with Krasinski’s character Lee, dead. Now, the Abbott family has to survive on their own. Here, the complete responsibility of the children is on Evelyn now. And they also need to face the terror of the creatures outside their home. Although after going out, they’ll realize soon that those sound hunting creatures are not just the treats that they should take care of.

Meanwhile, Cilian Murphy’s addition in the sequel will also excite the plot. He has joined the family as a man with mysterious intentions. Will he be the savior of the three, or lead them to more chaos than ever? The audience will get an idea only when the sequel gets out.

A Quiet Place 2: Release Date

Initially, the movie was scheduled to release on May 15, 2020. Though later, Krasinski posted a snap from the sequel and gave away the release date for A Quiet Place 2. The movie is expected to be out on March 20, 2020. With this, the film will open against the Christian biographical drama film, I Still Believe.

Fans are very much thrilled to have the horror drama back once again. Though things would not be the same without John Krasinski. But in his direction, things might seem equal, just like its previous film. Stay tuned for more updates on A Quiet Place 2.

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