Frozen 2: New Trailer Out, Major Plot In Japanese Poster, Superhero Movie, Anna’s Powers & More

Frozen 2

Just a few months are left for the blockbuster release of Frozen 2. However, Disney Studios are still pretty tight-lipped about the follow-up movie. With just the minor details about the film, the fans have been asking more and more about the next installment of Frozen movie.

Frozen 2 is one of the most anticipated movies of Disney. The fans for the movie ranges from the kids to the elderlies. It’s been six years since the debut of the movie, and since then, the film has become the favorite of each one who saw it.

Frozen 2: New Trailer Out Now

The second trailer for the sequel has released today only. And like the first one, this one is also a perfect blend of the mesmerizing frozen world along with the dark and intense storyline. However, the second trailer also included many dialogues from the characters, unlike the first one.

In the second trailer, the audience will see more of the sister’s quest to know about the past. Also, one of the Kristoff’s troll also warned Elsa to know across the enchanted lands, into the unknown and find about the truth.

Not just this, it also featured a bold and fearless Elsa, using her ice powers to win over the waves and autumn filled forest. The trailer also focused on the snowflakes made by Elsa. But the question arises that what do these mysterious symbols on the snowflakes mean? And also, the trailer raised out quite some questions about Elsa’s power. Will they be enough to save the day, or will not be able to handle within herself. Tough, all these questions will be answered only when the film will premiere.

Frozen 2: Japanese Poster Reveals Major Plot

Disney recently released a brand new Japanese poster for Frozen 2. There is a text on the poster in Japenese, the translation of which is ‘Why was Elsa given powers?’. This means that Elsa and Ana’s journey would also indulge some dark secrets about the origin of the Queen of Arendelle’s ice-making skills.

Frozen 2: Like A Superhero Movie

The star of the movie, Idina Menzel (Elsa) herself, gave some teases about the upcoming Frozen movie in a recent interview. According to her, Frozen 2 will be real girl power, badass kind of superhero type of movie. She also added that the two sisters are really very strong and it will be exciting.

The audience also took the same reference from the trailer of Frozen 2, which was watched more in the first 24 hours than any other animated film trailer in history. The trailer was quite mysterious and intense, hinted for a lot of action and a more darker story-line.

Frozen 2: Anna Might Also Have Some Powers

According to the speculations, there are quite some chances that Anna (Kristen Bell) may possess some powers of her own. In the upcoming movie, Anna would discover her hidden talent or can say, some magical powers like her sister Elsa. The audience has also seen her showing familiarity with a blade in the first look at the film. Therefore she could be a skilled fighter. There are also possibilities that she could have powers over the elements herself.

Frozen 2

Frozen 2: What Will Happen In The Upcoming Movie?

Frozen 2 will focus on the sisters’ vast journey to find about their parents. The first movie revealed that their parents perished by the storm in the sea. Though, it seems like Ana and Elsa’s parents are somewhat alive.

For that only, Elsa and Ana will move forward from Arendelle, may be alone. However, they all will unite at some point and continue to the quest. On the mission, the sisters will fight together with the elemental foes, who will try to bring them down.

The audience is expecting the upcoming movie to be a juggernaut, just like its predecessor movie. Also, just like Let It Go, the film would also bring any massive musical which will set its foot in the minds and hearts of the audience. Along with this, the new entries of Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown’s characters would definitely add up some spice to the story.

Frozen 2: Release Date

Frozen 2 is scheduled to release on November 22, 2019. Meanwhile, the movie will make its streaming debut on Disney+ during Summer 2020. Feeling mesmerized and scared at the same time, the fans are disparaging waiting for the film.

Not just the movie, Disney+ will also take the audience on the journey of making Frozen 2. Into The Unknown, the behind the scenes documentary of Frozen 2, will take the audience on the journey of how the movie has been made, what has happened and more.


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