High School Musical 4: Pre-Production Started, All New Cast, Release Date

A fresh breeze of air comes around when we talk about High School Musical. With its three blockbuster hits, the fans have been waiting for High School Musical 4 from long. The audience wants to have that high school romance, quarrels, battles, and don’t forget, Basketball, one more time.

Its been more than a decade since the last HSM movie released. Though in 2016 only, Disney announced that the fourth installment of the musical franchise is in the works. Since then, the fans are longing to hear updates on High School Musical 4.

High School Musical 4: In Pre-Production

Although the movie got a renewal for its fourth run years ago, the production work for it started much later. At the beginning of this year, the pre-production work for the fourth movie has begun. Also, according to the reports, the filming work for High School Musical will kick star in 2020 (This seems far long). The new setting for HSM4 is going to take place in North Penn High School (NPHS), Pennsylvania.

High School Musical 4: Brand New Cast

After few months of the official renewal announcement, Disney released a new batch of cast members for the fourth movie. The cast did not have a single name from the previous film as all of them did their schooling years ago (HSM3 released in 2008). The cast included Joshua Bassett as Ricky, Olivia Rodrigo as Nini, Kate Reinders as Miss Jenn, Matt Cornett as E.J., Sofia Wylie as Gina, Frankie A. Rodriguez as Carlos, Dara Renee as Kourtney, Larry Saperstein as Big Red and Julia Lester as Ashlyn.

Will Original Cast Return For The Sequel?

The previous three movies saw Zac Affron (Troy Bolton), Venessa Hudgens (Gabriella Montez) and Ashley Tisdale (Sharpay Evans) as the leading cast of the high school. In the third movie, the teens entered in their senior year. Therefore, it is pretty unlikely that the entire original cast will return for the fourth movie.

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However, they might come back for a cameo role. In an interview with Extra TV, Efron stated that he is ready to appear in High School Musical 4. Zac also added that he does not see any reason why he can’t be in the film. Except for Zac, no other actors showed their interest in returning for the fourth HSM movie.

High School Musical 4: Stream on Disney+

The movie is going to launch on Disney’s upcoming streaming service, Disney+. For that, the audience would need to have the subscription of the streaming service. However, the costing of Disney+ will be much lesser as compared to Netflix. In an interview, Disney’s CEO Robert Iger stated that the plan on the Disney side is to price this substantially below where Netflix is, as the price will reflect that. That is because Disney’s main aim is to attract as many subs as possible.

Spin-Off series

Since the debut of first High School Musical movie, many spin-offs of the film came in. And this time also, a spin-off series is extracted from the movie. The announcement for HSM series has been made, which will be titled as High School Musical: The Musical. The series will feature all-new East High Wildcats delivering a performance of High School Musical for their winter theater production.

High School Musical 4 Release Date

As the production work for the fourth movie is scheduled to begin in 2020, the audience will have to wait for quite some time for High School Musical 4 to release. 2021 is the expected year for the release of HSM4. Till then stay tuned for the updates on High School Musical 4.


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