‘1000 Lb Sisters’: Tammy Slaton’s Illness Couldn’t Let Her Keep Up With Fans’ Messages

1000 Lb Sisters

1000 Lb Sisters stars Tammy and Amy shared the news of them being featured in their local newspapers. They sounded positive almost the entire time. However, they also revealed that Tammy’s health has not been up to the mark this entire time. She apologized to her fans on YouTube when she returned to the online world. Tammy was sorry for not being able to keep up with all the messages the fans have been sending her. Let’s take a detailed look at this.

1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy’s Illness Keeping Her Busy

When the local newspaper shared the story, both the sisters took to social media to announce the good news. No one got any hint of Tammy not feeling well. However, recently, she revealed that she has been sick since the mid of December. She has been struggling to get over her flu symptoms this year, like many others in the States.

1000 Lb Sisters

In her YouTube video, the reality TV star revealed that she is suffering from chest congestion and blocked sinuses. Moreover, her voice also sounded off. It sounded like she was really unwell and too full of sniffles. She was also suffering from diarrhea, but fortunately, her condition from that is improving now.

1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Not Able To Keep Up With Fans’ Messages

Due to her health issues, Tammy was behind in replying to her fans’ texts. There have been many comments and DMs on Tammy’s various social media accounts. However, she has not been able to address all of them lately. The 1000 Lb Sisters star stated that she is on Tik Tock as well. Besides, there are thousands of messages per day that it’s not possible for her to keep up with all. Luckily, fans reassured her that there is nothing to worry about. They advised her to shift her focus on improving her health.

Tammy has been losing weight but is still obese. This is causing a lot of complications in her health. She also updated fans about her knee pain in her Youtube video. Tammy revealed that she is cutting down on her use of a walker. While walking, she accidentally twisted her knee. Over time, her knee was swollen, and her condition got painful. So, she decided to pay a visit to the doctor. After that, she got the reassurance that her gout is not acting up.

Fans don’t seem to be impatient with the updates. They are understanding Tammy’s situation and are acknowledging that it must be a hard time for her. We sincerely hope for her speedy recovery. Stay tuned for more 1000 Lb Sisters news on your favorite reality TV stars.

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