’90 Day Fiance’: Angela & Michael’s Nigerian Wedding On January 27, It Will Feature In TLC’s Next

90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance alum Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi are finally tying the knot. After fighting all the ups and downs in their relationship, the couple is ready to take the big step. Well, the wedding rumors have turned out to be true due to the surfacing of a wedding card. Will Michael get his visa to the US now?

90 Day Fiance: Angela Is In Nigeria!

As per reports, Angela is returning to Nigeria for the wedding with her 90 Day Fiance beau. The current episodes that feature her already in Africa were actually filmed months ago. Currently, a picture shared by a fan reveals that she’s flying out of Savannah, Georgia. However, since there are no direct flights from there to Nigeria, she may take another in Atlanta or New York.

Angela Is Ready For The Nigerian Wedding!

The journey hasn’t been easy for Angela and Michael. However, nothing has been able to set them apart. One of the main causes of the problem in their relationship was Michael’s difficulty in getting a US visa. Angela had been trying hard to bring her boyfriend to the US. In fact, she gave him an ultimatum as she said that ‘it’s either K1 or K done.’

Michael has applied for the visa multiple times now, and it always got rejected. Well, the only way left is for him is to get a spousal visa. In some of the recent 90 Day Fiance episodes, Angela denies to have a Nigerian wedding. She wants her family and friends to be present on her special day. Besides, she can’t afford to fly them to Africa. Hence, whenever the topic came up on the show, Angela rejected it.

As per fraudedbytlc, Angela Deem is finally ready to have a Nigerian wedding. Possibilities suggest that she’s doing this so that her 90 Day Fiance can get the spousal visa. According to the source, the surfacing of a wedding invitation allegedly verifies the news. The couple was getting married in less than a week on January 27, 2019. Well, Angela as been giving some apparent hints that suggest she already had the idea on her mind.

In a recent post, the soon-to-be bride shared the results of a Facebook game. The results suggest that Angela might have a January wedding. Besides, it also said that her spouse’s name might start with ‘M.’

90 Day Fiance: Wedding To Be A Part In The Next Season! 

Filming for the special wedding might already be in process. As per Soapdirt, the TLC camera crews traveled with Angela to Nigeria. Hence, the couple might actually be ready to shoot the ceremony. Chances suggest that the wedding can get featured in the next season of either 90 Day Fiance or Before the 90 Days. However, the footage of Angela getting marrying Michael may instead become a follow-up special like ‘Where Are They Now,’ as well.
While the marriage might help Michael get the US visa, the process may still take at least 18 months. When will Michael finally move to the US with Angela? Stay tuned for further updates.

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