90 Day Fiance: Ashley Talks About Recent Police Case And Feud With Jay

90 Day Fiance

Ashley and Jay have been through one hell of a journey on 90 Day Fiance. In a live Tell All session with John Yates, Ashley opened up to him about the fire extinguisher incident. He mentioned that Ashley is really hurting and it pains him to see her this upset every time. She is heartbroken, and she accepts that she has been off guard lately. This is the main reason why she is checking herself into the rehab or the mental wellness center.

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Threw The Fire Extinguisher In Jay’s House Window

Ashley claims that Jay took her son’s PlayStation to his place without her permission. Her son and Jay agreed that he could borrow it. But after that, he had to return his stuff. When Ashley and Jay are involved, most of the times, someone called the cops. Their split has been ugly. Ashley mentioned that technically, she could visit his place since they are married and take her stuff back. Jay says that he invited a few friends over, and there were girls too. He claims that Ashley threw the fire extinguisher out of jealous rage since she saw girls’ belongings.

When she threw it, one of his friends got injured, and that’s when the cops came. They charged Ashley for which she says that Jay was just trying to provoke her. He went to his immigration lawyer, and he said that he had to prove Ashley exercising physical or mental abuse on him. This way, he could prevent deportation. She also mentioned that he was going to be deported in August. She also revealed that Jay lied about his age.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Jay Having No Respect For Women

Ashley also claims that Jay is deliberately trying to hurt her by revealing that some woman is cooking for him in her kitchen and using demeaning terms for women. She also says that he has no respect for women in general. Ashley admitted to throwing the fire extinguisher and revealed the reason behind it. When a friend of Jay told him that his wife was at the door, he called her a bit*h and a h*e. That provoked her, and she went all aboard. She also admitted to being a little drunk and that the alcohol was one of the reasons behind her violent reaction.

Ashley also mentions that the police doesn’t wish to tap into the wall of fame. They don’t want to deal with the backlash from the community or racism issues. She reveals that he is just 22 and is definitely a liar. He has broken her heart many times and lied. Another shocking incident is that she claims that he texted her and said that he has a sex addiction. He also proposed to go to a couple’s counseling. She is the only person that can help him prevent the deportation.

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