’90 Day Fiance’: Azan’s Visa Rejected, When Azan & Nicole Getting Married?

90 Day Fiance

If we are to speak of the rockiest relationships on 90 Day Fiance, Nicole an Azan are likely to remain on the top. They have left fans hanging in the loose with tonnes of unanswered questions and about two postponed weddings. Apart from that, the couple is also a part of social media trolls. Most viewers have been trolling the couple saying that it’s all one-sided from Nicole’s end. Even some of the co-stars mentioned that Azan is not into her which led to a feud. The word around the news is that Nicole is still trying to make efforts for their marriage.

However, their wedding plans came to an end when Azan got his US visa denied. Since then, most of the followers of the show are wondering about the reason behind the same. Moreover, what’s going on with Azan and Nicole presently? Let’s take a look.

Azan’s Previous Relationship Leads To Doubts

Azan previously dated a woman from Belarus. At the time, he visited Belarus and that is what got the visa officer to question his intentions. He was skeptic about Azan’s intentions to be with Nicole and seemed to have great difficulty in believing that the relationship is genuine. The Tell All episode featured Azan’s statements which gave us some pretty deep insights. There were some other violations that were getting in the way of his visa approval.

Keith Brooks is a YouTuber who interviewed a woman claiming to be Azan’s girlfriend from Spain. She asked for her identity to be kept secret but made shocking revelations about Azan. She says that he has girlfriends in many countries. The informant further stated that the entire relationship is a joke. He just wants to marry Nicole and move to the US to bring his girlfriend from Morrocco there. He once overstayed a visa in another country which raises some more questions.

’90 Day Fiance’: Nicole’s Reaction Says It All

Nicole once burst into tears saying that she has done whatever she could for her fiance only to get no care in return. When she says that he just sees an American in her and is easily offended, it raises a red flag. What could she mean by this? He is disrespectful towards him. Their relationship doesn’t seem healthy which is another concern for visa approval. There are too many religious differences and the lack of affection between the couple gives a final blow to Azan’s chance of getting a visa.

According to an anonymous source, the couple is likely to tie the knot this summer. Fans hope that Azan is not just using Nicole for the money. He says that he has plans to settle in the US. However, there is no final word on the same. Nicole is in the US presently because of her sister’s wedding. She is then planning to visit Morocco and marry Azan. Then she plans to bring him to the US. How do you think it will unfold? Let us know in the comments below.


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Its a joke. Even if they marry, odds are that Azan will never gain entry into the USA and he shouldn’t. Nicole is a moron to accept the crumbs he offers and call it “love”. This is not a relationship by any stretch of the imagination!!!