90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days; Zied and Rebecca’s Import Business Together

90 Day Fiance

All couples associated with the 90 Day Fiance franchise have had to be in a long-distance relationship for some time. What seems like an unusual happening to the common masses is a tough reality for these contestants. But they bear it all for love and finally unite with their loved ones overseas. Luckily, viewers are able to be a part of their journey by constantly tuning in to their story.

The same goes for the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days couple Zied and Rebecca. Zaid is from Tunisia and Rebecca is from Atlanta. The couple is taking their long-distance romance a step further. Apart from being involved with each other at a personal level, Rebecca and Zied are going to be business partners as well.

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days; Rebecca and Zied’s Business Venture

Last year, the couple launched a company named Zuzo Import Company. The official website ZuzoImportCo.com is no longer live. But the screenshots show us the ‘About Us’ section from Starcasm.net of the business that includes information about the Atlanta office and Tunisia office. Here is a glimpse to what each of their profile stated. Let’s take a look.

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#BeforeThe90Days Rebecca and Zied had an import business together! Or at least they had a website for one. Visit Starcasm.net (article link in our stories) to get an exclusive look at the couple's bios from the deleted "About Us" section of the Zuzo Import Company website, which was registered in June of 2018 and lapsed one year later. Zied's bio states: "He specializes in acquiring the most beautiful art pieces in all of Northern Africa." Translation: "Shirts and mugs with Rebecca's photo on them." 😂 The post includes our projection for what Zied's Tunisian art gallery would look like, if it gets beyond the Azan makeup store stage of planning. #90DayFiance

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Rebecca’s Profile

Rebecca’s profile stated that she has been an avid traveler and has extensively covered Northern Africa. She loves the culture over there and enjoys hanging out with the locals of the area. She acquires the art of local artists and works with many different clients. Her end goal is to make the world aware of such amazing art and culture. When she is not engrossed in tasks related to Zuzu Import Company, you can find her sipping coffee in a Tunisian seaside cafe. Or in a cafe in Atlanta. All the while, she is usually thinking of Africa! The end of her profile stated a contact number and her email.

Zied’s Profile

Size is a Tunisian resident and has been born and brought up here. His area of specialization is that Zied is an expert in acquiring the most spectacular pieces of art in Northern Africa. He somehow manages to find exactly what the clients are on the lookout for. As for his hobbies, he is an artist himself. Zied also enjoys playing soccer.

Rebecca is also quite a bit of an artist. She has posted drawings and watercolor paintings on Instagram. Zuzu import company is not registered where all the businesses in Georgia are. After performing a Google search, we can see that only a deleted website comes up. Jun 23, 2018, is the domain registration date. However, it expired a year later. Earlier, people were thinking of this to be a classic ‘Azan and Nicole’ situation where Rebecca sends Zied money for starting a business.

Rebecca once stated that they couldn’t take that business forward due to too many import rules. So, do you think these former business partners will end up becoming life partners? Let us know in the comments below.

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