’90 Day Fiance’: As Laura Exposed Evelin – Corey Threatens To Take Legal Action Against Her

90 Day Fiance

Ever since 90 Day Fiance alum Laura and Evelin had a fallout, Laura has been after her. Not only Evelin is her target, but Laura also keeps Corey on her hit list. Recently, she made a video saying that Corey uses cocaine. We know that Corey has a soft personality and he has tolerated a lot of Evelin’s quirks. but it seems like he has no soft corner for Laura. He immediately slammed her and threatened to take legal action if she doesn’t stop.

90 Day Fiance: Corey Not Taking Accusations Lying Down

In a recent live stream, Laura took to social media to talk about her fellow cast members. She stated that Evelin is unfaithful to Corey and that they are using their NDA to hide their true selves. Laura also mentioned that Evelin was making up the fact that she was going to be in the next season. According to 90 Day Fiance star Laura, Evelin has been seeing other men even after being legally married to Corey.

Then, in her live session, she dragged some guy claiming to have known Evelin since they were kids. He calls Corey a good person. In the same sentence, he refers to him as lost and blind. He also said that Evelin is really mean to Corey. According to Laura, Corey invited her to Ecuador and told her that Evelin resides in a village full of pigs.

Calling Evelin a Downtown Mattress?

Laura and her buddy called Evelin a downtown mattress. They also called Corey as someone without a backbone as he is allowing her wife to cheat. Laura also accused Evelin of telling Corey to find a lover. Evelin said that since she has one, Corey can have one too. Laura calls their story bs as they are already married. Then she claimed that she saw Corey use Cocaine.

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90 Day Fiance: Corey Clapping Back At Laura

Corey posted a video of his own to get back at Laura. Doesn’t seem like the sweet innocent Corey, right? Well, he did surprise many viewers. It was a series of stories on Instagram. He said that Laura has blocked him and this is the only way for him to reach her. He said that if she keeps talking about him, he is pressing charges against him. Corey calls Laura messed up.

He also said that he and Evelin have been really nice to Laura. They don’t understand why she is doing this. He vows to take legal action against Laura if this continues. Do you think Laura will stop poking her nose in other people’s business after Corey straightened her up? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned for more 90 Day Fiance updates.

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