’90 Day Fiance’: Cortney Reardanz and Ricky Reyes – New Couple!

90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days contestant Ricky Reyes has been getting close with Cortney Reardanz. This is evident from his recent Instagram post where he posted a picture of the two of them. Is there a possibility of the two of them dating?

Ricky Reyes has been surrounded by controversies as long as we can remember. He is not in the good books of his fans due to his attention seeking gimmicks. When his season of the show was going on, he flew to Columbia for a meeting with a woman he had been chatting online. After a series of rubbing and fake proposing, he decided to make amends with his wife, Natalia. For a while, the two were hitting it off. But now it seems as though they have split.

Does Ricky’s picture suggest that he is up to sparking a new romance? Let’s find out.

90 Day Finance: What Are Ricky Reyes and Cortney Reardanz Up To?

The story of Antonio Millon and Cortney Reardanz is something that made up the controversial headlines when she starred in a different TLC show. None of her family members were convinced that Antonio Millon is real. They all advised her against going all the way down to Spain to meet a total stranger. Her friends and family thought she was being catfished. But to their surprise, he was real.

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The show portrayed her as someone gullible. Ricky quickly came to her defense admiring her free-spirited attitude and values. He says that unlike how the show described her, Cortney is highly intellectual and thinks practically. Taking the compliment a step further, he points out that she is really helpful. When the time comes, she won’t hesitate to help out a hater in need.

90 Day Fiance: Cortney Reardanz Admires Her Haters

According to Ricky’s caption, there isn’t a single bad bone in her body. This indicates that she is willing to lend a helping hand even to her haters. When the show was airing, she did not give much attention to the haters despite facing a lot of criticism. Ricky is leaving no stones unturned to emphasize the fact that she doesn’t pay heed to what critics have to say about her.

He also calls her frugal because according to Ricky, she realizes that wise investments generate amazing results. He stresses on making people realize that it is wrong to judge people on how they are portrayed on a show. With so many compliments coming out of Ricky, fans have been wondering whether the two of them are a couple. After all, he has nothing except sweet and nice stuff to say about the reality show star!

What do you think of 90 Day Fiance couple Cortney Reardanz and Ricky Reyes? Are they just really close friends or does this meeting indicate they are more than that? Is Ricky trying to impress her with his series of internet compliments? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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