90 Day Fiance: Court Order Exposes Ashley’s Lie About Co-Parenting Two Kids

90 Day Fiance

No matter how much we hear about Ashley Martson, fans can never get enough of her. She recently offered her fans to ask her anything on Instagram. Considering that there is already a lot of information about her online, little was left to the imagination. However, curious fans came up with a bunch of questions that the reality tv star has recently answered online. Let’s take a look. 

90 Day Fiance: What Fans Asked Ashley And Her Replies

Ashley has already faced a lot of hate for dating a teen. Building on that, one of the fans asked her why she took a chance to be with a 20-year-old despite being a mother of two children. She gave a straightforward reply by saying that she was a dummy. Another fan had no idea that Ashley even had kids. She asked her whether not including them on the show had a purpose. Ashley said that she refuses to showcase her children anywhere. 

90 Day Fiance

She says that she knows how people act on social media. She refuses to subject her innocent children to all that. Ashely doesn’t care even if people say that she does not have her kids. She adds up by saying that she is ready to hear what people have to say. Ashley clearly doesn’t want anyone attacking her kids. 

90 Day Fiance: Ashley’s Answer To Who Babysits Her Kids While She Is Gone?

Bedsides 90 Day Fiance franchise shoots, Ashley normally stays busy in other assignments as well. She has endorsements and promotions to deal with. Moreover, her health also keeps her in the hospital for most of the times. One fan has been wondering about who takes care of her children when she is out. Ashley answers that most of the time her children’s father watches them. 

90 Day Fiance: Did Ashley Really Have a Tummy Tuck With The GoFundMe Money?

People have been blaming Ashley for using the GoFundMe campaign money for personal uses instead of her medical bills. When she was in the hospital, her friend started a GoFundMe campaign for her. But when funds came, Ashley started receiving accusations of misusing the money. Jay’s sister recently took to Instagram to expose that Ashley’s waistline looks a lot thinner and that she got a tummy tuck from her GFM money. When a fan asked her about it, she had a totally different tune to sing. 

Instead of directly answering these questions, she asks fans to think about the situation themselves. No one needs to spend 8 days in a hospital for a tummy tuck. It’s a small procedure and people are usually out the same day. She tries to prove her point by saying that she posted live videos of her in the hospital for quite some days. 

It seems like the entire session was directed towards Ashley’s children. It is true that the mother of two has never showcased any of her children anywhere. Do you think we will ever get to see them? Maybe after she stops receiving all the hate? Or after they are grown up enough to defend themselves? Let us know in the comments below. 



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Diana W
Diana W

Who could really care less if we see her kids or not? The show is more about the adults and not “kid” orientated!


“fans can never get enough of her” – this is totally untrue. Fans of 90DF have been begging TLC to cancel their segments for many months now. TrAshley has lied about everything from her kids to her tummy tuck to the old man she sleeps with for money. She’s disgusting and this show is trailer trash city.


I don’t believe she’s had a tummy tuck, but I do think Lupus can be horrific disease. And I personally know state 3 and 4 kidney disease. Losing weight, and struggling to maintain it is so common, until they shut down. You feel terrible, everyday! At that point, intense swelling begins so legs look like elephant legs. People believe Jays sister, who I like a lot, but apparently don’t consider the fact that she’s all about protecting her brother. I would be too. But he apparently didn’t follow our laws, thus deportation holding. Ashley offered to pay his way. So… Read more »