90 Day Fiance Creators’ New Show ‘Marrying Millions’ Is More Exciting Than You Think

Marrying Millions 90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance has never failed to treat the viewers with unique love stories from across the world. The show followed the relationships of couples where one partner is American, and another is from a foreign land. The show instantly became a hit, and since then the spinoffs of the franchise followed. But the creators have again got their creative juices flowing and have come up with another great idea. Marrying Millions, another creation of the same team provides an insight into the lives of six couples. One partner is filthy rich, and another belongs to the middle class.

When there is a massive difference between the financial status of partners, differences somehow creep in. After all, it’s not always champaigns and caviar. The major lifestyle difference is not easy to cope with. Moreover, people always doubt the intentions of the partner with a mediocre income. Let’s take a look as to how the partners blend into each others’ worlds.

Marrying Millions Cast

Katie and Kolton

Katie is the estranged wife of Josh Hamilton, the famous baseball star. When the couple got divorced, he had to leave her millions and shared custody of their girls. One day, her daughter’s friends came home. It was then Katie’s eyes met the aspiring hip-hop artist Kolton. Katie is 37 years old and Kolton is 23. They started to hit it off and began dating. They have been together for a few months and are facing a lot of backlash from family.

Bill and Brianna

Bill is a 60-year old investor. Brianna is 21 years old and the two of them met at a restaurant in Dallas where she was the hostess. Despite the 40 years age gap, the two are dating. He is wondering whether she is ready to indulge in the high society of Dallas.

Gentille and Brian

Brian works in construction whereas Gentille is a real estate investor. He won her over with his sense of humor and natural charm. Since she doesn’t have a family, her Brian means a lot. But her friends are doubtful of his intentions.

Drew and Rosie

Rosie is a recent college graduate who is dating Drew who owns a landscaping and construction company. Even though the multi-millionaire gentleman is spoiling her with all the fineries, Rosie’s parents are not supportive of their relationship.

Megan And Sean

Megan belongs to a working-class family whereas Sean has a $ 30 million net worth. Meghan once applied for a job at Sean’s company, he was 15 minutes late when the interview was supposed to take place. She got up and left. Sean then tracked Megan down and pursued her for the next one and a half year. She finally said yes to a date and the two have been together ever since. They also have a son together and still, people doubt their relationship.

So, do you think this is love for the person or love for the extravagant lifestyle? Let us know in the comments below.


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