90 Day Fiance: David And Annie’s Recent Interview Talked About Kids And New Show

90 Day Fiance

David and Annie have been giving some serious couple goals to 90 Day Fiance fans from all over the world. They have been striving through thick and thin. The couple got off to a rocky start. They were financially unstable for a while. In fact, they couldn’t even afford to get their own place. David’s friend let them live for a while in their firehouse. However, he decided to sell it out and offered the couple to live elsewhere. Nevertheless, they now live in Kentucky. The couple doesn’t plan on living their forever.

David is currently teaching English as a second language. His wife is one of his star students. She loves to learn from him. Annie says that David’s classes have been really useful for her. She has her visa approved, and the couple is ready to take things the next level from here. Let’s take a look at what they are up to.

How Is David And Annie’s Relationship Going?

Upon being asked about their relationship, David says that they have a lot of fun together. They travel a lot and are mostly laughing and joking. He also goes on to say that it’s a time for transition for the couple. There are some upcoming changes that he mentioned. However, he wasn’t ready to reveal the details yet. As for how the couple’s life is going, David mentioned that he couldn’t be happier. He feels blessed that he has someone who makes him happy.

90 Day Fiance: David And Annie Moving Forward In Life

Full episodes are coming to their new YouTube channel. It’s going to show the lifestyle of the couple. The fact that they are starting a channel means that they are also generating a new source of income. They have struggled a lot financially and it makes sense to make some extra cash by sharing their lives with the world. Both of them love to travel. They are positive people and have a huge fan base. This will make it easier for them to gather more views on their channel.

90 Day Fiance: What Do Fans Have To Say?

Fans are happy to see that they are going to get more of David and Annie. They call Annie funny. There is one fan who says that Annie is pregnant. They have talked about having kids, but David mentioned that he is going to need surgery before that. Annie loves to cook, and the fans are excited to see her get her own kitchen finally. Supporters say that they are really cute together. Moreover, they deserve all the good the world has to offer!


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