90 Day Fiance: David And Annie Are Planning Kids With Surgical Procedure

Best Couples On 90 Day Fiance

If we consider a couple giving us awesome relationship goals, David and Annie from 90 Day Fiance are worth learning from. They started out with nothing and are gradually growing with each other. Currently, the couple is struggling with financial issues. However, the situation seems to have improved. Annie says that they are enjoying life.

What Do David And Annie Have To Say About Having Kids?

As for expanding the family, David revealed that they want kids. But he is going to have to undergo a surgical procedure before that. Currently, David has pets in mind. He jokingly said that he might adopt a buffalo. They are easier to take care of! It seems like they are going with the flow. They don’t worry about the future. Instead, they are focusing on their present and living life to their fullest.

90 Day Fiance: David And Annie’s Story

The two of them met in Thailand in a karaoke bar. He got on one knee just ten days after David met Annie. He fell for her because she made him happy and made him feel young. On their first anniversary, David’s mom gave her a ring that belonged to his great grandmother. He mentioned that the ring is 120 years old!

Even though the couple had a rocky start, they are still going strong. David has to pay a dowry to Annie’s parents for her hand in marriage. For a while, they didn’t have a place to live. David’s friend offered them to live in a refurbished firehouse. However, he later sold that place and offered them to live in a storage facility. David also struggled in sponsoring his bride-to-be to live in the US with him.

90 Day Fiance’s Annie And David: Living Arrangements

Annie and David are currently living in a storage unit in Kentucky. However, they soon plan on moving to a better place. David stated that the couple isn’t going to live in Kentucky any longer. They are still looking for a new place. Currently, David works as an English teacher at a university. It’s exciting for him as Annie is one of his students. She once mentioned that David is an excellent teacher. moreover, the classes have been helpful for her. She also said that she is proud of David.

The couple recently visited Thailand to see Annie’s family. They went to the beach where David captured a beautiful picture of his wife holding the sun. He also keeps on sharing pictures of them golfing and traveling together. We know that Annie’s visa is approved and she is waiting for her green card. The two of them have set a great example for couples who are struggling in some way or the other. Even though they are facing hardships, they support each other and couldn’t be happier!

A little bundle of joy will definitely add to the happiness of the already elated couple. Stay tuned for more updates on the life of David and Annie!


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