90 Day Fiance: Larissa Denies Debbie’s Deportation Claims, Call It Confidential By Law

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

90 Day Fiance: It seems like the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law feud is a never-ending one. Only this time, instead of ugly yelling, they have resorted to contradicting each other on social media. Larissa and Colt have been in the news for their divorce. The last we heard of them together is the time when they made an out of court settlement. Since then, the couple has also signed an agreement in which none of the parties are allowed to defame each other in writing, verbally or on social media.

Las Vegas Justice Court has dismissed the first of all the criminal charges against Larissa. As for the second, they were denied. Her trial was supposed to be in June but some negotiations came up for 30th May. Since Larissa is caught up too bad in the legal web, it the questions regarding her deportation are coming up.

90 Day Fiance: No Green Card For Larissa, Says, Debbie

Most of the viewers are wondering about Larissa’s immigration status. One of the curious fans turned to Colt’s mother Debbie for an answer. The first question was whether Colt is responsible for Larissa for 10 years to which she denied in an instance. Debbie and Larissa never got along in the first place. The fan was also curious about the status of her green card and whether it can be canceled. Debbie replied that Larissa doesn’t have a green card and isn’t getting one. The viewer also asked why she is still in America. Debbi replied that Larissa’s hearing is on 30th. After all the legal formalities are over, she is going to be deported. It is interesting to note how Debbie bluntly concluded that Larissa is going to get deported.

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#90DayFiance #HappilyEverAfter star @larissalimareal responds to reports that she is being deported, which I assume are because of comments made by @colteej's mom @motherdebbiej. Debbie's original comments and Larissa's response posted moments ago are included in the photo. . . "As part of their divorce settlement, Colt and Larissa agreed not to say anything negative about one another publicly, but I suppose Debbie is free to say what she wants. Of course, the wording in the divorce settlement says that neither party can "cause or permit third parties" to say negative stuff either. 🤔 Here is an excerpt from the "Communications/Non-Disparagement" section of the divorce filing, which we posted in its entirety on Starcasm.net: . . “The Parties stipulate and agree that neither shall themselves, or cause or permit third parties, to slander, defame, disparage, or communicate untruths, malicious statements, false and slanderous statements, information, rumors, or salacious materials of any kind against the other person, or against the other person’s family, friends, employees, employers, or other close relatives and associates, whether in written form, verbally, on paper, on the Internet, on any social media application, or in any manner.” . . (Debbie's comments via @talker_of_shits_)

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What Does Larissa Have To Say To This?

Larissa mentioned in another post that her legal status in the US is strictly confidential and is not supposed to be disclosed to anyone. She has signed an agreement that exercises confidentiality regarding her immigration status in America. Larissa also mentioned that press outlets are releasing false information that has caused her fans and family to worry about her. She states that the agreement includes a prohibition for any kind of third-party defamation. It’s the main reason why she refrains from talking about her past.

She has been living her life with her new boyfriend. The courts are doing all the legal work. She is eagerly waiting for her final hearing on 30th May. Larissa sternly states that she won’t accept any kind of defamation at this point. One of the fans defends Debbie in the comments section stating that she was just expressing her opinion.

According to sources, amidst all the drama, Larissa is planning a life in America with her new boyfriend. But what will happen if they really deport her? Will she be able to stick around in the US for her new boyfriend to make a move? Let us know what you think will be the fate of Larissa in the comments below.