90 Day Fiance: Elizabeth And Andrei Have Started Real Estate Business, Has Elizabeth’s Father Helped Them?

90 Day Fiance

Being your own boss is a dream that many people in this world continue to pursue. However, only a few get to reap the benefits of their own business. Two such individuals who are living the dream of many are Elizabeth and Andrei from 90 Day Fiance. They are officially business owners. Considering the situation they have been in for quite some time, this news is a boon for them. Let’s take a look at the details.

90 Day Fiance: Andrei Has a Job!

Because of the fact that Andrei wasn’t taking any steps to support his family, Elizabeth’s dad was getting quite uneasy. The couple was expecting their first child together and there was no means by which Andrei was prepared to fend for his new family. He didn’t get along with Elizabeth’s family. They live in a space that her dad provided rent-free. However, things didn’t go well and the couple moved out.

90 Day Fiance

But now, things are about to change for the good as Andrei is not unemployed anymore. The couple now owns a business together. It seems like besides being life partners, they are business partners too. CASTRAVET PROPERTIES, LLC is the name of their firm which they started together. In October 2018, the couple filed for LLC. This means that it was just three months before their daughter was born.

90 Day Fiance

The company, based out of Wesley Chapel, is in an active state. Andrei is the president and Elizabeth is the vice president of the company. From the title, we can say that the business is all about real estate. It seems like the couple is going to give her father a run for all the money.

Elizabeth’s Father Also In a Real Estate Business

Chuck, Elizabeth’s father is also in a real estate business. She has worked as a property manager for her father. This can account for some quality experience in the field. Elizabeth’s knowledge can also help the couple’s new firm prosper pretty quickly. She had steady work for a while. Moreover, the couple was able to live in her dad’s house rent-free, thanks to Elizabeth’s job.

In the premiere of 90 Day Fiance season 4, Elizabeth revealed that their first baby wasn’t planned. This is the main reason why the timing wasn’t perfect. Andrei didn’t even complete trucking school by that time. Her family felt that it was too soon for the couple to be having a child. Even though Andrei and Elizabeth’s father had a little spat over the property, things seem to be falling in place for the entire family.

We wish the couple all the best for running their new business together!

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