90 Day Fiance: Fernanda Says Her Family Was Upset Over Her And Jonathan’s Split

90 Day Fiance

The split between 90 Day Fiance couple Jonathan and Fernanda might not have been a very ugly one. But it sure had some heartbreaking moments for both of them. Speaking of heartbreak, the couple might have faced the worst circumstances, but there was one other party that was surprisingly upset about their failed relationship. They were Fernanda’s parents. They never expected that their relationship would take a turn for the worse. Let’s take a look at this in detail.

Shedding Light On Jonathan And Fernanda’s Situation

The couple has split up a long time. It has been over six months since their breakup. However, Fernanda didn’t open up about it until recently. Back then, she revealed that Jonathan wasn’t careful with money. He used to drink a lot, and she didn’t like it. Jonathan didn’ want to have a plan and didn’t listen to Fernanda. She also mentioned that the relationship was abusive. However, Rivera has already denied this claim.

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Fernanda made her family believe that she was really happy. They were doing the show together and traveling. It all seemed perfect on Television and social media. But the 90 Day Fiance alum revealed that she wasn’t happy. People didn’t know what was going behind closed doors.

90 Day Fiance: Why Did Fernanda Keep Her Parents In The Dark?

Fernanda wanted her parents to be happy. She didn’t want them to worry about her. Moreover, she didn’t want them to be sad because of her. Fernanda considers that her family accepting him was one of the worst parts of the heartbreak. Her grandmother even held their wedding picture on the wall. She talks about facing tough times and overcoming obstacles. She conveys the message that women don’t need men to fulfill their dreams. They have the strength to do whatever they want.

90 Days Fiance

She is embracing her independence. When fans asked her why she isn’t telling her side of the story on the show, she reveals the lack of financial compensation as her reason. Fernanda quit the show because she thought that it was unfair to not give her any amount in return. She felt that they were earning money off her.

Jonathan is happy with his new girlfriend. Fernanda is currently focussing on her career in Chicago. She is embracing single life and enjoying it to the fullest. Both of them seem happy. It looks like they are over each other and are moving on with their lives!

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